Sustainability ESG policy

Sustainability ESG policy

  • ESG Policy

    Hyosung TNC, as an organization committed to social responsibility, has established internal regulations and guidelines that align with the expectations for its actions. It transparently discloses the foundational elements of its business activities through these regulations and guidelines.

    In addition, continuous training is provided to ensure that internal members understand these regulations and guidelines,
    enabling them to make decisions and engage in activities based on them.

Environmental management policy

Anti-Deforestation Policy

Biodiversity policy

Advertising and marketing ethics policy

Human Rights Policy

Redress Manual for Human Rights Violations

Diversity and inclusion policy

Policy to Support the Elimination of Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

Anti-Discremination and Harassment Policy

Code of ethics

Code of Ethics Practice Guidelines

Anti-corruption policy

Export Restrictions on Strategic Materials

Conflict and Responsible Minerals Policy

Supplier code of conduct