RE:GEN Brand Communication

  • The practice of R&D and innovation for a full ESG transformation

    Hyosung is undergoing a transformation into an ESG company that can respond to the future of every generation.

    Can we adequately address global issues

    with ESG practices only within Hyosung?


    • An alliance for every generation

      Hyosung's plan for collaborative support with a small and startup companies that share our vision "Providing funding for research and development, marketing, and technical expertise. Offering brand sponsorship and support.”

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    • RE:GEN Alliance will support the growth and coexistence of
      member companies as a trusted brand

      Now, RE:GEN is not just a brand exclusive to Hyosung;

      it is planning to expand the scope of ESG participation in collaboration with capable allies, contributing to the tangible improvement of ESG in Korea and the business performance of participating companies.

    • Through Hyosung's RE:GEN branding
      and the participation of RE:GEN Alliance,

      RE:GEN Alliance aims to support the growth of participating companies as a trusted brand. In turn, participating companies will introduce their products and solutions that reflect ESG values to end users, aiming to make ESG a standard for the future consumer and their lifestyles. Hyosung intends to invest as a substantial umbrella for the early settlement and expansion of the user base of the alliance by enhancing the reliability, authenticity, and desirability of RE:GEN. Participating companies will play a role in spreading social value, ultimately resulting in a win-win situation where the scale expands, and social performance based on ESG grows across the entire value chain.

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    • Our responsibility as a brand community
      • Our business is connected to the future of every generation, so we

        prioritize our lasting impact on the environment and society.

      • The future we aim to achieve cannot be realized alone. so we

        collaborate with members based on trust and values.

      • We started for the sake of everyone in this society, so we

        must not neglect our social responsibility.

      • The growth of each of our companies is also essential for the
        sustainability of the alliance, so we

        must be proactive in technological and process innovation.

      • We all dream of a better world and a better society, so we

        will remain positive about the future and work passionately to
        fulfill our dreams.


    • A company that responds to the future of everything, including every generation’s dreams and the well-being of humanity, and all living beings, is what we aspire to be.

      We are beginning the journey of innovation, technological development, and companionship for that purpose.

      Our environmental conservation activities for biodiversity, such as preserving the eelgrass forest
      We contribute to coexistence with all environments surrounding the human species, including land, sea, and air.

      Internally, there is a fundamental reason for embracing ESG management, which is the need for spreading the message.
      Externally, it represents a minimal efforts for coexistence with the external environment, along with the survival of the human species.

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    • Biodiversity activities are divided into three parts to expand their scale and scope.

      These activities go beyond biodiversity and are explicitly defined as an ecosystem restoration and management activities,
      categorized into ocean, land, and air to facilitate a more systematic understanding and categorization.

      Classification and grouping of Hyosung affiliates’ environmental campaigns

      These campaigns can be systematically classified and grouped,
      potentially maximizing their scale, as they are associated with the restoration and protection of most ecosystems on the Earth.

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  • RE:GEN Brand Communication

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      Social dissemination of group initiatives for ESG - Intention to expand and focus on ESG as a core of the business direction and growth axis
      RE:GEN Alliance - The concept of expanding the entire value chain through alliances based on mutual cooperation, as exclusive contribution to ESG social performance is limited.

      Establishment of a system and structure for seamless collaboration between Hyosung Group, ALLIANCE participating companies, and environmental organizations

      Formation of socially significant RE:GEN influence