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The world’s leading spandex brand with
the highest market share, “CREORA Spandex”

Founded on Hyosung TNC’s unique production technology, research and development, and global marketing efforts, “CREORA Spandex” is the world’s leading brand in terms of production volume. In recent years, Hyosung TNC has been making efforts towards the next generation through innovative product lines such as plant-based spandex (regen bio-based spandex) and spandex made from recycled materials (regen spandex) in the sustainable materials sector.

Nylon & Polyester
Globally recognized nylon and
polyester by Hyosung

Leveraging over 50 years of accumulated production expertise, Hyosung TNC is a leading player in the domestic polyester yarn market, and offering a diverse range of polyester yarns, from nylon fibers with various functions and conventional yarns to high-performance specialty yarns.

Trade Business
Specialist in the global trading for steel
and chemical materials

We have established a network of over 30 overseas branch offices across the world and strive to provide the best services based on the global market information. We are actively expanding our business on the global stage in various fields such as logistics and distribution, with a focus on the steel and chemical sectors. In particular, we are making efforts to strengthen our business in the steel products sector for wind power generation in a response to the demands of stakeholders in sustainable industries. We are also working to expand the transaction volume in environmentally friendly biofuels to meet the needs of stakeholders interested in eco-friendly initiatives.

“Becoming the world No. 1
without our own technological capability is impossible.”

The journey to
the world’s
market leader

  • 1966

    The birth of the No. 1
    Big Three textile products

    Establishment of
    Dongyang Nylon

  • 1973

    Polyester: the birth of the No. 2
    Big Three textile products

    Establishment of Dongyang Polyester Production of polyester fibers

  • 1992

    Spandex: the birth of the No. 3
    Big Three textile products

    Spandex production at the Anyang Plant

  • 1997

    The history of success
    begins now.

    Successfully achieved
    the first domestic
    development of spandex

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The journey to becoming Hyosung TNC,
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EcoMaterial for the Next Generation

regen: a sustainable fiber material brand that
strives to coexist and collaborate as an innovator
in the circular economy, creating a future
where sustainability thrives

  • Confident - Confident
    Earth Story 1: Confident

    "regen Ocean Nylon"
    : recycled fiber material from discarded fishing nets

    “regen Ocean Nylon,” a recycled fiber made from discarded fishing nets,

    has been successfully developed and commercialized to be the first of its kind in the world. This sustainable material, which actively contributes to the ocean ecosystem preservation and environmental protection, is sought after by numerous brands both domestic and global. Purchasing and wearing clothing made from regen Ocean Nylon is a meaningful act that helps preserve the marine ecosystem, the very source of life.

    For us, the tomorrow that
    Hyosung TNC draws.

  • Warm - Warm
    Earth Story 2: Warm

    Sustainable fiber
    “regen Polyester" made from recycled PET bottles

    Discarded transparent PET bottles are reborn as sustainable polyester yarn, known as regen Polyester.

    Through collaborations with various organizations, including local governments, regen produces recycled polyester fibers such as “regen Seoul," “regen Jeju," and “regen Ocean Polyester." These fibers are used to create clothing and bags, leading the domestic and international sustainable fashion market.
    In the future, regen plans to expand its production scale through various collaborations, making it easier for customers to access sustainable products.

    For us, the tomorrow that
    Hyosung TNC draws.

  • Innovative - Innovative
    Earth Story 3: Innovative

    The World's First Corn-based Bio Spandex
    "regen Bio-based Spandex"

    Instead of conventional coal, eco-friendly fiber materials made by processing natural ingredients are extracted from corn, known as bio-spandex

    Hyosung has successfully commercialized the world's first bio spandex, "regen Bio-based Spandex," produced by processing natural materials extracted from corn instead of conventional coal. This Sustainable fiber material can be applied in all areas where traditional spandex is used, including sports and leisurewear, lingerie and more, based on its excellent elasticity and recovery.

    For us, the tomorrow that
    Hyosung TNC draws.