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General Apparel Fabric

For general apparel

Hyosung TNC's general apparel fabric division develops and supplies outstanding a high-tech and high-performance fabrics, including moisture-wicking, ultra-lightweight, quick-drying, cooling, and lightweight insulation fabrics, using functional and sustainable yarns. These fabrics are supplied to casual, active, and outdoor brands.

Workwear Fabric

For workwear

In the workwear fabric division of Hyosung TNC, a high-performance products using functional and sustainable yarns are developed and supplied for the medical market, including uniforms, workwear, surgical gowns, and nursing uniforms.

Industrial Fabric

For non-apparel

In the non-apparel fabric division of Hyosung TNC, customized products for use as internal and external materials in IT products, as well as differentiated cleaner products for industrial applications such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals, are developed and supplied.



With an annual production capacity of 30 million yards and advanced technology, Hyosung TNC leads the domestic dyeing and processing industry. The main products include Nylon fabrics, polyester fabrics, Nylon/polyester stretch fabrics, and cotton-blend fabrics. The company is equipped with various in-house quality measurement and testing equipment, prioritizing customer trust and satisfaction through superior quality.