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  • Serving as a Logistics Hub

    Urban Refrigerated Warehouses

    Urban Refrigerated Warehouses
    Serving as a Logistics Hub

    The refrigerated warehouse by Hyosung in Gwangju serves as a logistics hub for frozen and
    refrigerated goods, and it is strategically located near major markets in the Seoul metropolitan

    It has ISO9001 and HACCP certifications (July 26, 2005 - July 25, 2008), ensuring the safe
    storage of food products. In addition, in preparation for blackouts, emergency generators have
    been installed, and fire insurance coverage (up to 60 billion won) for stored goods has been
    secured, ensuring the protection of customers' property. The facility includes freezing rooms,
    refrigeration rooms, ultra-low-temperature rooms, rapid freezing rooms, and can
    accommodate the handling of 20 vehicles simultaneously.


Food Storage

Refrigerated Rooms
Temperature: -2.0°C to 0°C (varies depending on the product)
Products: Imported refrigerated livestock

Frozen Rooms
Temperature: -20°C to ±2°C
Products: Frozen agricultural, seafood, and livestock products, as well as
processed food items

Ultra-low-temperature Rooms
Temperature: -50°C to ±5°C
Products: Tuna

Rapid Freezing Rooms
Temperature: -40°C
Products: Seafood and livestock products

Storage Capacity

Design Weight: 18,000 tons
Total of 20 chambers, including refrigerated rooms, frozen rooms, ultra-low-temperature rooms, and rapid freezing rooms
Including bonded warehouses and imported livestock inspection facilities

Storage Area

Site Area: 2,025 pyong (6,694 sq.m)
Architectural Structure: Reinforced concrete, 1 underground floor, 5 above-ground floors
Building Area: 949 pyong (3,137 sq.m)
Gross Floor Area: 4,835 pyong (15,983 sq.m)