Giving new direction in textile innovation
to maximize customer value



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    Showcasing a brand that promises to go beyond the existing limits to start
    a new lifestyle for consumers

Brand Logo

  • Spandex


    Playing the most significant role in helping the brand grow into the global No. 1 company in the textile market, with the application of the main color in the Nylon category

  • Nylon


    Expressing the feeling of a premium material like silk with a naturally distinctive material

  • Polyester

    CREORA Polyester (CREORA GRAY)

    Holds the largest share in the synthetic fiber market at an affordable price, used in various industries, representing a comprehensive image


Creora Brand Positioning

A brand that provides possibilities and inspiration for better expressions to customers, a better life for consumers, and greater sustainability for the planet through material innovation

Brand Vision

  • Engineered functional fibers that will pioneer the limits of global consumers' lifestyles


  • Functional fibers related to lifestyle

Brand Equity

  • Best functionality : The highest level of functional material that enables the brand's desired lifestyle innovation proposals

    Best workability : Supports the highest quality stability and operational efficiency in weaving fabric and fashion material production

    Best customer support : A brand that provides the fastest and most effective support for customer's technical issues and proposes workable solutions

Customer Benefit

  • Material that enables new lifestyle proposals with a high functionality

    Fiber material that provides the most reliable quality

Consumer Benefit

  • Materials optimized for the characteristics of each lifestyle

    Materials that provide a perfect balance of fashion and functionality

    Materials that create a new cutting-edge trends

Brand Personality

  • Challenging : A brand that finds possibilities even in a difficult challenges

    Delicate : Delicacy of finding a new possibilities without missing even a small daily routince of customers

    Attentive : Exists everywhere in everyday life and it always kindly present possibilities

    Supportive : Helping and supporting a new way of life

Target Customer

  • A brand that cares about providing a better life to end customers and thinks about the best way to achieve it

Target Consumer

  • Consumers who seek a better style and sophistication in their daily lives

    Lifestyle leaders who can harmonize common values in their pursuit of individuality

Customer Insight

  • A brand that meets the desire for materials that support a new possibilities rather than traditional materials, allowing both fashion and functionality to be enjoyed simultaneously

    Simultaneously, the pursuit of materials that are less harmful to the environment and can ensure stability when used by consumers