Innovation that sets the foundation apart,
a Lifestyle Facilitator in the textile and
trading industry


  • "An Innovator Opening a New Future
    through Sustainable Living"

    We will strive to provide a lifestyle that contributes to the well-being
    and happiness of everyone in a healthy and safe environment.

    Hyosung TNC is committed to maximizing customer value
    through innovative textile material technology and a global trading network.
    We strive to create and reflect the future you envision, based on the Voice of Customers (VOC),
    by dedicating ourselves to product development that aligns with customer preferences.

    In particular, we aim to redefine humanity’s lifestyle and ensure that the Earth we tread on remains
    friendly to us in the future. Hyosung TNC continues to engage in research and exploration to address
    your concerns for today and the next generation, as well as our responsibility toward the planet.
    We are proactively preparing and working together to create solutions for these challenges.

  • In particular, we are making efforts to become a company
    that is highly interested in sustainable management and can contribute to society.
    We are leading in the development of sustainable technologies and
    setting an example by creating a safe and efficient working environment
    through the adoption of smart factory technologies.

    Hyosung TNC’s trading division has established more than 30 sales offices worldwide and
    efficiently connects businesses and consumers in various fields, including textiles, steel, and

    We will continue to grow as an agile organization that responds flexibly
    to industry changes and strives to enhance the future value.

    We hope for your continued interest and passion
    in helping Hyosung TNC overcome these challenges.

    Hyosung TNC always designs solutions for the lifestyle and planet of tomorrow.
    Innovation for a better lifestyle & tomorrow

    CEO Kim Chi-hyung