Innovation that sets the foundation apart,
a Lifestyle Facilitator in the textile and
trading industry


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    • We lead the future of the global textile industry
      by maximizing customer value through sustainable
      technological innovations.

      “Becoming the world No. 1 without our own technological capability is impossible.”
      Hyosung TNC is committed to advancing proprietary technology development and quality innovation, fueled by the belief that technology is the key to competitiveness. With our excellent technological capabilities, we are exploring ways to help you create the future that you envision. The textile and trading units, which can be considered the foundation of Hyosung Group’s 50-year history, provide differentiated value to customers worldwide and have established themselves as trusted companies.

      "Developing sustainable products is more urgent than immediate profits."
      In the early 2000s, when environmental awareness was not as high, and demand for sustainable products was limited, Hyosung TNC decided to pioneer a new path with the creation of “recycled fishing net yarn,” which did not exist anywhere in the world. As a part of Hyosung TNC’s sustainable technological innovation efforts, all three major composite fibers have been transformed into sustainable products. And even now, a new research continues to push the boundaries of technology for a newer, more astonishing, and more sustainable future.

  • With a customer-centric approach and an agile promise toward customers, we provide a global marketing service experience and infrastructure.

    In the trading sector, centered around the steel and chemical industries, we connect businesses and consumers worldwide through distribution and logistics. We have a global network in the United States, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, and other regions, leveraging global market information to offer the best marketing services.

    Furthermore, we operate a floating-type building called “Sevit Island,” which is built on a floating body on the water. We are developing it into a creative landmark representing Seoul.