Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Sharing Management

Hyosung TNC quickly identifies the practical needs of the local community, actively seeks input from the stakeholders, and collaborates with a specialized organizations, including NGOs, to establish medium to long-term strategies. In particular, we strive to make its activities sustainable, going beyond one-time support, with the ultimate goal of creating a society where beneficiaries can become a self-reliant. In particular, we continuously endeavors to strengthen its corporate social responsibility efforts as an extension of its business, aiming to coexist with and contribute to the local community.

Hyosung TNC undertakes various social contribution activities based on three themes: support for vulnerable groups at home and abroad, sponsorship of culture and the arts, and patriotic service. The company seeks balance and harmony among these themes. Chairman Hyun-joon Cho said, "As a business leader, I will not only dedicate myself to business management and investment for economic revitalization but also to fulfilling my company’s social responsibility by providing substantial assistance to our neighbors." He is actively fostering a culture of social contribution within Hyosung TNC.

Sharing Management
Implementation System

Three major themes

The primary focus of our social contribution activities revolves around three key themes: supporting vulnerable populations both domestically and abroad, sponsoring cultural and artistic initiatives, and honoring and supporting national service and patriotism.

아래 항목 참조
  • 1. No Poverty
  • 2. Zero Hunger
  • 3. Good Health and Well-Being
  • 4. Quality Education
  • 5. Gender Equality
  • 6. Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 10. Reduced Inequalities
  • 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 13. Climate Action
  • 15. Life on Land
  • 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Support for vulnerable groups at home and abroad

Hyosung TNC's social contribution activities are all about putting values into action to help creating a happier society with everyone's collective efforts. Since 2013, we have been running the Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group, with the active participation of Chairman Hyun-joon Cho, the management team, and employees. Through various domestic activities such as a rehabilitation therapy for disabled children and support for their families, education sponsorship to empower vulnerable women in the community, support for a social enterprises that create jobs, and local community outreach by different business units, we are expanding our positive and warm-hearted impact to places in need of a helping hand. Furthermore, we are actively engaged in overseas activities, such as the "Hyosung Smiling Corps" free medical mission in Vietnam, employee-sponsored child sponsorship programs in Vietnam, and health promotion and hygiene supply support for girls in Rwanda.

  • 4. Quality Education
  • 8. Decent Work and Econimic Growth
  • 10. Reduced Inequalities

Support for culture and arts

Support activities in the field of culture and the arts aim to provide opportunities for vulnerable groups to enjoy the arts and, furthermore, assist them in actively participating in artistic activities. With an active engagement and interest from the management team, Chairman Hyun-joon Cho is a founding member and executive committee member of the foundation "Areumjigi," which is dedicated to the preservation of designated cultural heritage. Additionally, Hyosung TNC employees regularly participate in a cultural heritage preservation activities at Changdeokgung Palace. Activities include support for disabled artists, sponsorship of the Yo-Yo Ma Silkroad Ensemble, teaching classes for disabled musicians, cultural heritage preservation activities by employees, and sponsorship of theater groups in Daehangno, Seoul, among others.

  • 1. No Poverty
  • 3. Good Health and Well-Being

Support for patriots and veterans

Hyosung TNC is actively engaged in activities that benefit the nation, particularly in the field of social contributions. This reflects the spirit of patriotism through industry and the founding principles inherited from Former Chairman Hong-je Cho. As part of this commitment, the top management and employees of Hyosung Group visit the Seoul National Cemetery to pay tribute to the nation's fallen heroes. They also engage in activities such as cemetery maintenance and paying respects at the National Monument in honor of the nation's founders. Furthermore, Hyosung is involved in various activities, including support for veterans’ facilities, sponsorship of historical heritage tours for national merit recipients, sponsorship of commemorative events for soldiers who suffered casualties due to North Korea's DMZ landmine provocations, and providing relief items and financial support to the Gwanggaeto Unit of the 1st Republic of Korea Army, with whom we have a sisterly relationship.

Major Initiatives

Sustainable corporate social responsibility related to business

Hyosung supports rural areas in collaboration with local governments by purchasing eco-friendly products related to the company's businesses. Hyosung TNC supports regen t-shirts, Hyosung Heavy Industries supports solar power generation facilities, Hyosung Advanced Materials supports agricultural drying machines using carbon fiber, and Hyosung Chemical supports trays made from Polyketone in partnership with Hyosung Corporation.

Support for the local community in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

In 2022, Hyosung supported the construction of a kindergarten in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. This initiative aimed to provide education to children who were unable to receive it due to a lack of kindergartens in the area. We built one kindergarten building, and corporate employees from Quang Nam Province volunteered to support this effort.

Sponsorship of global gender equality promotion programs

Hyosung carried out the construction of a "Girls Room" and promoted awareness of hygiene and health among adolescent girls in Rwanda. Our employees built sanitary facilities for menstrual hygiene control, enabling girls in the Gisagara and Kamonyi districts of Rwanda to attend school in a hygienic environment. They also made an efforts to improve awareness of girls' rights through community education.

Employee salary donation for child sponsorship in Vietnam

The global child sponsorship program is a social contribution program supported through voluntary salary donations by Hyosung employees. It is used for the education, food hygiene, environmental improvement, and livelihood support of sponsored children in Vietnam. The company's matching grant amount is used for improving the areas where sponsored children live, including classroom expansion, food improvement, awareness improvement activities, and library building.

Hyosung Volunteering Team Employees’ Activities

The Hyosung Volunteering Team is a group of employees who do volunteer work of their own volition. They aim to build a long-term and sustainable relationships rather than one-time activities, conveying sincerity. They regularly engage in activities with children at Janggunbong Kindergarten, an integrated daycare center for both disabled and non-disabled children. They consistently volunteer, especially on special occasions like Christmas, to create memorable experiences and provide gifts to the children.

Support for the employment encouragement of women with an work experience

Hyosung supports the employment of women with an work experience, particularly middle-aged and older women, in a line with the government's job creation goals.

Support for the first Hyosung Goodwill Store

"Goodwill Store" employs vulnerable populations to contribute to financial self-reliance and uses the proceeds from the sale of donated items for creating jobs for people with disabilities as well as for vocational education and training. Hyosung has installed Goodwill Store donation boxes at its headquarters and various business sites where employees collect items that are then delivered to Hyosung’s first Goodwill Store located in Eunpyeong District in Seoul.

Support for Korean War Veterans' facilities

Since 2012, Hyosung has been collaborating with a various companies to improve the living environment of national merit recipients. They build or renovate elderly homes and provide rental housing support grants to veterans without homes.

Employee blood donation campaign

Hyosung has been sponsoring the "Love Blood Donation" event since 2008. This voluntary blood donation campaign, participated in by employees, is not only held at the headquarters but also regularly conducted at major regional offices such as Ulsan, Gumi, and Changwon. The blood donation certificates donated by employees are delivered to the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer to support children with leukemia and cancer.

Sponsorship for "Friends of Love"

Through local children's centers, Hyosung offers an English education opportunities to children from a low-income single-parent families. The company supports various activities such as an English education program, teacher evaluations and workshops at children's centers, scholarships, and English camps.

Hyosung TNC’s Key Activities

Rehabilitation therapy for disabled children and support for their siblings (2013- )

Hyosung TNC supports rehabilitation therapy for disabled children and psychological therapy for non-disabled siblings in collaboration with the Purme Foundation. In 2022, activities included family trips for disabled children and Hyosung employees, outings for non-disabled siblings, and year-end music concerts involving disabled children.

Hyosung Sharing Forest (2016-)

To commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2016, Hyosung TNC reforested the "Hyosung Sharing Forest" in Noeul Park within the Sangam World Cup Park in Seoul. We support annual operation expenses for ecological conservation and management of the park. Additionally, environmental cleanup activities, such as volunteering by a new employees and those newly promoted, are held.

Hyosung Smiling Corps, Vietnam (2011- )

Since 2011, Hyosung TNC, along with its a major affiliates and holding company, has been supporting the dispatch of a medical volunteer group called the "Smiling Corps" to Dong Nai Province near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2020, due to COVID-19, medical teams were unable to be dispatched. However, we conducted emergency response training to improve safety awareness and accident response capabilities for approximately 16,000 elementary school teachers and students in ten elementary schools.

Local Community Sharing Activities

Category Location Content
Industry-academia cooperative scholarship award ceremony Ulsan Hyosung TNC selects and supports scholarships for students at the University of Ulsan who have an excellent academic records but face economic difficulties.
1:1 village volunteer activities Ulsan Since 2005, in a collaboration with the Jungosan Village 1:1 Cooperation Committee in Onyang-eup, Ulsan, Hyosung TNC has been discussing and conducting annual activities needed for sisterly villages. Activities include volunteering for rice planting and harvesting , holding feasts, and more.
1:1 school volunteer activities Ulsan Hyosung TNC conducted employee volunteer activities at Jangsaengpo Elementary School in Ulsan. Activities included enhancing the tree landscaping and facilities within and outside the school. They also provided transportation for outdoor learning activities.
Sharing kimchi-making for charity in 2021 and support for North Gyeongsang Province's Community Chest of Korea. Gumi The Gumi Plant has been consistently conducting an event where over 100 employees make kimchi and deliver it to the community. This began in 2010 and lasted until 2019. However, in 2020 and 2021, due to COVID-19, they purchased kimchi and donated it to the local community. In 2021, they donated 2,000 heads of kimchi to the community. In 2022, they also contributed 33 million won to the Community Chest event organized by Gumi City, including 17 million won and 2,000 heads of kimchi worth 16 million won.
Gumi Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Santa Expedition Gumi The Gumi Plant visits a local child centers every year at the end of the year in collaboration with the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. They deliver gifts to children who cannot enjoy a warm year-end due to economic difficulties or the absence of parents and spend time with them to provide the emotional support. In 2021, due to COVID-19, they delivered 10 million won in sponsorship funds to ten children’s centers in Gumi to ensure that children received various gifts.

Local Community Sharing Activities

Outstanding Cultural Arts Sponsorship Organization

The Outstanding Cultural Arts Sponsorship Organization is a system that certifies organizations and companies that promote or perform exemplary sponsorship activities in the field of culture and the arts. Hyosung has been certified as an excellent organization for a cultural arts sponsorship by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism since 2015. The company has been recognized for its continuous support in the field of cultural and arts, including sponsoring the Yeonu Mudae theater in Seoul’s Daehangno area, protecting cultural heritage at Changdeokgung Palace, and supporting the production of musicals for school violence prevention.

Cultural Heritage Preservation Company

Since 2018, Hyosung has been appointed as a Cultural Heritage Guardian Company, making efforts to preserve and purify our beautiful cultural heritage. In 2021, in recognition of its contributions, the company was selected as an excellent enterprise for cultural heritage contribution, in partnership with the Areumjigi Foundation, for its work on the lighting and interior restoration project at Changdeokgung Palace's Daejojeon and Huijeongdang.

Patriotic Culture Award

In 2021, Hyosung received the Patriotic Culture Award from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, which is a recognition of its contributions, including its sponsorship of the "Nara Sarang Bogeumjari" project aimed at improving living environments for national merit recipients since 2012. The company also provided AI care robots to elderly, solitary national merit recipients who were constrained by social distancing measures due to COVID-19.