ESG Brand

The Birth Story of
Hyosung Group's RE:GEN

RE:GEN(Reply to Every Generation's Future)

Hyosung Group's ESG brand, RE:GEN, was developed with the intention to encompass
technology that makes customers' daily lives more valuable, environmentally conscious, and
with a vision of pioneering the future. It is designed to specifically reach out to end customers/
clients, society/humanity, and internal members. Hyosung TNC will also utilize the group's
unified platform for its ESG brand.

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  • “A happier and more sustainable future
    for every generation’s living today and tomorrow”
    This vision and mission are combined with areas
    where Hyosung has the most strengths.

    The reason we put forth all ideas and knowledge is
    to achieve a "happy and sustainable future for every generation."

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  • “Responses for the future of every generation”
    Reply to Every Generation’s Future

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  • Core structure of Hyosung Group's ESG storytelling

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