ESG Brand

  • Hyosung TNC's ESG Brand Identity

    Keywords defining values that support the advancement of the four major ESG categories emphasized by the Hyosung Group should be established. Efforts by Hyosung to consider socially disadvantaged groups should also be incorporated as a fundamental value that underpins various existing values. Hyosung TNC will also utilize the group's unified platform for its ESG brand. However, a distinct ESG brand identity has been separately developed for Hyosung TNC, focusing on continuity and consistency.

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    Core identity is structured to embody a sense of mission that should be embraced by members and stakeholders, with a primary focus on Hyosung TNC's core competencies.

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Brand as Product

  • Regeneration of plastic discarded in the natural environment
  • Contribution to carbon neutrality through the use of bio-based materials while maintaining performance
  • Strengthening natural restoration through the development of biodegradable materials
  • Reduction of carbon emissions in the production process itself

Brand as Organization

  • A company at the forefront of the circular economy
  • A passionate company committed to technology development that reduces carbon and enhances sustainability for nature, including bio and biodegradable materials
  • A responsible company dedicated to minimizing environmental impact in every detail of its processes

Brand Value Proposition

  • Development of technology for the sustainable well-being and prosperity of humanity
  • Efforts for waste reduction and carbon neutrality to enable the natural ecosystem to thrive in a closed loop
  • Products that are environmentally friendly yet do not compromise on functionality and durability compared to conventional products
  • A company that prioritizes carbon reduction, waste reduction, and human safety in all processes and business activities

Brand-Customer Relationship

  • Media : An innovator that preserves the functional role of plastics while reducing environmental burdens
  • General Public : A brand that represents one's own goodwill toward the environment
  • Customers : A partner that helps customers recognize the value of its products without excessive differentiation
  • Members : Providing factors that enable each member to contribute to technology development, marketing, and sales with a sense of purpose