ESG Brand

  • ESG Brand Framework for Hyosung Group

    This framework is divided into four categories, with a focus on the circular economy and carbon neutrality.

    Net-Zero Circulation

    • Circular Economy
    • Carbon Neutrality

    Energy Innovation

    • New Energy
    • Energy Redesign
  • 5 Themes of Hyosung Group's RE:GEN

    The group's ESG brand "RE:GEN" is composed of 5 themes in total.

    RE:GEN(Reply to Every Generation's Future)

    Plastic waste poses a threat not only to terrestrial ecosystems but also to marine ecosystems today. Hyosung Group and its affiliates are working toward achieving zero-waste by establishing a circular economy that recycles plastic waste discarded on land and at sea.

    This is another axis of Hyosung's circular economy, which goes beyond recycling discarded plastics. It adds a new functions and values to plastics, extending their lifecycle to meet the industrial demand in various fields. By adding new functionalities, it revitalizes the plastic's lifecycle, not limiting it to conventional recycling.

    All Hyosung affiliates minimize carbon emissions generated during production processes and minimize carbon emissions throughout their business activities. Ultimately, they adopt a common technological agenda aimed at achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

    If the world were to run out of energy sources for economic activities, civilization as we know it would cease to exist. Therefore, Hyosung is striving to build a value chain encompassing materials, components, operation technologies, and distribution systems to promote the commercialization and efficiency improvement of hydrogen and renewable energy, instead of fossil fuels.

    With the philosophy that the resources we use should not be wasted, all Hyosung affiliates strive to minimize energy and resource consumption at every link in the production and operation process. Underpinned by the philosophy of minimizing harm to the Earth's ecosystem, Hyosung aims to implement and practice this philosophy throughout its business operations.

  • Business Unit-specific RE:GEN Brands

    Hyosung is establishing and implementing plans based on the ESG brand RE:GEN to promote the commitment of each business unit and external partners.

    To grow as a substantial ESG brand, we will enhance marketing and communication efforts to ensure that more products reflect on ESG values and find their place in the daily lives of more customers and end-users. In 2022, Hyosung Group's major business units also shared the same vision of RE:GEN, aligning their business characteristics with the essence of the group's ESG brand RE:GEN. Additionally, each ESG brand aligns with the brand vision of each affiliate to ensure that ESG is placed at the core of the business. Through these efforts, the business activities of the company have become synonymous with ESG activities.

    Hyosung tries to avoid a superficial approach to ESG and is striving to spread its commitment to RE:GEN throughout society more broadly through branding and collaboration with partners who share its mission.

    All affiliates are structured to implement advanced ESG practices within their respective thematic areas. Through this approach, Hyosung's ESG brand "RE:GEN" aims to promote technological development and product expansion for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world. Simultaneously, it seeks to foster a sense of ethical responsibility both internally and externally, aspiring to become a new growth model for humanity. We believe that this will soon become a defining moment in realizing the "ESG ecosystem."

    Key Subsidiaries

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