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Personnel System

Performance Management Cycle

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Evaluation System

  • Work Attitude Evaluation

    An annual evaluation is conducted on 15 work attitude items based on behavioral criteria.
    To ensure fairness in the evaluation, feedback is provided using evaluation reports that include peer assessments and strengths and areas for improvement (weaknesses) for each work attitude item.

  • Performance Evaluation

    We provide a clear performance goals and growth directions that we aim to achieve through the organization's mission and business activities, and we transparently share the results. We motivate employees to achieve their goals voluntarily through differential rewards and promotions. Furthermore, we pursue maximum performance by providing differentiated rewards based on the achieved performance.

Promotion System

  • Fairness in Promotion

    Promotion decisions are made by comprehensively assessing various fields such as personnel evaluation, rewards, punishments, foreign language skills, and leadership, etc., to determine the performance level of an individual and ascertain whether they have the qualities and capabilities required for each rank.

Compensation System

  • Securing Competitive Compensation Levels

    We ensure competitive compensation to attract and retain the top talents.

  • Realizing the Highest Rewards for the Best Performance

    To establish a performanceoriented culture,
    we provide a high rewards for high performance. We operate a system that links compensation to both organizational and individual performance.

Composition of Compensation

Base Salary
  • The most fundamental element of wages
  • Differentiated rewards based on individual performance evaluations
  • Additional rewards for the job titles and qualifications
Performance Bonuses
  • Encouraging maximum performance through alignment with a performance unit evaluations
  • Differential rewards based on the degree of achievement compared to the goals set by the organization at the beginning of the year
  • Welfare Benefits

    We provide support measures to help Hyosung TNC employees achieve worklife balance and work under a desirable organizational culture that enhances their work immersion and job satisfaction. We strive to make Hyosung a place where employees and their families can be happy through familyfriendly management.

    • Familyfriendly Management

      • Achievement of familyfriendly workplace certification through active utilization of employee benefits such as flexible work hours and childcare support
    • Condolence Pay and Bereavement Leave

      • Condolence/Bereavement pay and leave for employees' family events and accidents
    • Flexible Work Hours

      • Implementation of a flexible work system to comply with the 52-hours workweek law and increase work productivity
      • Hyosung's flexible work system includes optional working hours and flexible working hours, with overtime pay for work beyond the designated hours.
      • Employees' working hours are flexibly and efficiently allocated based on their individual workloads and preferences.
    • Company Daycare Center

      • Operation of daycare centers at Mapo and Changwon workplaces
      • Provision of a high-quality services through professional contracted teachers to provide the optimal childcare environment for employees' children
    • Summer Break and Allowance

      • Yearround available holiday and holiday pay for all employees
    • Designated Rest Days

      • Implementation of designated dayoff system, allowing employees to use leave on bridge holidays, and providing designated days off even in months without statutory holidays
    • LongTerm Service Awards

      • Rewarding vacation for employees with 10 or 20 years of service
    • Refreshment Leave Scheme

      • Operating the refreshing vacation system, allowing employees to use continuous annual leave for five days in consideration of employees who may find it difficult to take time off due to factory operating schedules
    • Support for Retirees

      • Providing reemployment support for employees approaching retirement age and conducting career design education to help employees over 50 prepare for their second careers
      • Conducting individual applicationbased support in areas such as relationships & networks, health, finance, housing, and leisure through diagnosis for employees over 50 to prepare for their second careers
    • Maternity Protection Scheme

      • Providing the leave for 90120 days before and after childbirth and leave for prenatal checkups
      • Shortening working hours during pregnancy
      • Providing leave and medical expenses for miscarriage or stillbirth
      • Allowing reduced working hours and childcare leave after childbirth
      • Ensuring breastfeeding breaks and operating lactation rooms
      • Allowing spouse childbirth leave and family care leave when family members are ill
      • Restricting night and holiday work for pregnant employees
    • Child Education Fund Support

      • Full support for admission and tuition fees for children of employees attending regular domestic high schools and 4year regular universities and colleges
      • Providing financial assistance even when studying at high schools or universities abroad
    • Healthcare Management

      • Comprehensive health checkup for all employees
      • Providing comprehensive health checkups for spouses of employees aged 40 and older
      • All employees are covered by accident insurance
    • Leisure Activity Support

      • Payment of club activity expenses for employee clubs
      • Supporting the use of resort memberships for employees and their immediate families
    • Anniversary Gifts

      • Providing gifts to employees and immediate family members on their birthdays
      • roviding commemorative gifts to all employees on the anniversary of the company's founding
    • Support for a Degree Programs

      • Supporting a degree programs for domestic and international academic conferences for all employees
    • Competency Development through External Training

      • Supporting the cost of external education and training courses for employees, including jobrelated training and foreign language courses
    • Condo Membership Benefits

      • Supporting the use of resort memberships for employees and their immediate families
    • Employee Affiliation Discounts

      • Access to Hyosung Group’s affiliated shopping mall
      • Discounted prices for employees on Sevit Island
    • Dialogue with Management

      • The CEO personally addresses all employees regarding the company’s major performance, issues, and management policies
      • Promotes overall communication through Q&A sessions between the CEO and employees
    • Team Organization Activation Support
      (HOT : Hyosung One Team)

      • Provides opportunities for newly appointed team leaders to quickly organize and communicate within their teams, in coordination with training for a new team leaders
      • Encourages reflection on the team’s performance, identifying hidden problems, and collectively finding solutions to generate synergy
    • Proud Hyosung Awards for Outstanding Achievements

      • Recognizes and rewards employees who have made significant contributions to the company's performance and development on a quarterly and annual basis in four categories: marketing, technology, research, and support
      • Motivates employees to achieve management goals and create results by expanding the scope of rewards beyond quantitative achievements to include qualitative contributions and public recognition of employees' efforts
    • Operation of a Two-way Communication Channel between the Company and Employees

      • Operates an intranet platform where employees can share workrelated information, company news, and exchange opinions through a bulletin board system called “TongTong” and an anonymous bulletin board “WagleWagle”
      • Ensures active communication and feed back on all suggestions and proposals anonymously submitted by employees through the “TongTong” bulletin board
    • Communicator System

      • Appoints at least one communicator in each domestic and international business unit
      • Provides education on the importance and role of organizational communication
      • Promotes and disseminates news from each business unit throughout the organization
    • Labormanagement Communication

      • Acknowledges the presence of labor unions within the company
      • Conducts regular briefings on the company’s management status to the frontline employees through periodic meetings by rank
      • Establishes labor-management councils at each business unit
      • Appoints grievance handling committee members among labor-management council members to review and manage complaints received quarterly, conducting a thorough and secure process
    • HR Counseling Center

      • Implements a whistleblower protection scheme to address grievances related to work, personnel, and human relations, including harassment, embezzlement, and personnel misconduct. Such grievances are addressed through direct interviews with responsible executives in the HR department, and the content of counseling sessions is kept strictly confidential
      • Provides opportunities for job transitions or counseling to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover by addressing grievances