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    Starting from today, your everyday life will shine.
    The everyday lives of the next generation should also shine together with yours.
    Like the bright blue planet seen from distant space,

    Hyosung TNC has been striving to make people shine, beautiful, and comfortable.
    However, we all know that
    with our current approach, sustainability is no longer possible.

    We are working to make more sustainable materials from production processes,
    the oceans, or anywhere else, and develop more environmentally friendly materials
    to protect our shining everyday lives and for the future of our planet and the next generation.

    We have come to understand that
    the closer we get to the nature,
    and the more nature finds its resilience, the brighter our everyday lives can be.

    With our technology and increased interest on the environment,
    we are striving to reduce carbon emissions and create fibers that do not disrupt nature's balance.

    Finding materials closest to the laws of nature and upgrading production technology –
    that is Hyosung TNC's mission.

    Our response to every generation.
    Reply to the Every Generation
    RE:GEN Eco Lifestyle



    Hyosung's technological DNA creates a new life cycles even for discarded plastics.

    When plastics had the first vitality,
    they brought innovation to human life.
    However, when they are discarded in the nature, they not only threaten our daily lives,
    but also pose a threat to many species on the Earth.

    That's why we aim to breathe a new life into discarded plastics.
    We want to reduce the threat to our planet and return to a time
    when our lives were more convenient.

    To achieve this, Hyosung is gathering partners who have the similar mind
    and activating its technological DNA to ensure that plastics, once rejuvenated,
    can fully serve their intended function.

    The more plastics we can recycle,
    the healthier the Earth becomes,
    and plastics can once again fulfill their true purpose.

    All of this is why Hyosung is committed to technological development
    and the widespread use of sustainable products.

    Responses for the future of every generations,
    Reply to Every Generation’s Future
    RE:GEN Recycle, RE:GEN Upcycle



    Hyosung's technology DNA strives to reduce carbon emissions throughout the process,
    from raw material development and material production to transportation to our valued
    customers and even to final consumption.

    We often do this because unnoticed carbon warms our atmosphere and disrupts
    Earth's natural circulation, affecting the planet we call home.

    We are prepared to take action, even in the seemingly minor processes
    and transportation methods that are easy to overlook.

    Every partner who works alongside Hyosung in our processes
    may not be perfect, but the effort to reduce carbon is
    made for the sake of our own future and the future of our planet.

    To achieve this, we continuously work on
    developing a better technologies and sourcing safer materials.

    The reason we gather these small actions and thoughts and turn them into actions
    is that everyone's future depends on it.

    Responses for the future of every generations,
    Reply to Every Generation’s Future
    RE:GEN Zero



    Hyosung is paying close attention to hydrogen and making efforts to create an economy
    based on hydrogen.

    Hydrogen provides us with tremendous energy without posing a threat to our planet.
    This is because hydrogen was the first element born in the universe.

    Hydrogen can be easily formed as a water, helping to keep our lives clean.
    As hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and the primordial element,
    it requires innovation beyond the technological achievements humanity has accomplished
    so far to store, obtain energy from, and convert hydrogen energy into the electricity.

    Creating a solid foundation for the safe use of hydrogen in our daily lives
    is possible because of Hyosung's technological DNA.

    Hyosung overcomes obstacles in materials, technology, transportation, and supply systems
    to harness the energy of hydrogen, solar power, and many other renewable energies,
    making them safer and more in harmony with the nature.

    It's all about giving our best effort, and that's the DNA of Hyosung—
    creating a safer and cleaner future through technological innovation.

    Responses for the future of every generations,
    Reply to Every Generation’s Future
    RE:GEN New Energy



    Our daily lives are connected to networks.

    Now, we have become accustomed to the convenience of our daily routines,
    often without realizing that networks are working for us behind the scenes.
    However, these networks must be on standby 24 hours a day for our benefit.

    In addition, we have been using paper for many years.
    While paper itself is environmentally friendly, the raw material for paper is the forests
    that sustains our planet.
    As the use of paper increases in our daily lives, the total capacity for our planet
    to breathe diminishes.

    Technologies to reduce energy consumption for the networks that wait for us,
    technologies to reduce processing energy used for our benefit,
    and technologies to reduce the use of paper that has been used for centuries—

    all of these rely on ideas for design
    and the technologies to turn those ideas into reality.

    Hyosung believes that our future lies in more intelligent designs
    and the technologies that make those designs possible.

    We are striving to coexist with the Earth through smarter design
    while not giving up on the convenience of our daily lives.

    Responses for the future of every generations,
    Reply to Every Generation’s Future
    RE:GEN Save