Brand Strategy


  • Brand Manifesto

    A promise for Hyosung TNC's new future

    • You are a person of possibilities.

      Hyosung TNC continues to research and challenge
      to ensure that your inspiration, the values you want to pursue,
      and more will redefine the lifestyle of humanity,
      and allow the Earth we tread on to remain a friendly place to us in the future.

      As you contemplate the world of today and the next generation,
      Hyosung TNC is preparing in advance and working together to create global solutions.

      The future of textile materials that surround us is our future, and Hyosung TNC's future.
      We are thinking ahead and preparing for the potential of textile materials,
      so that people can express themselves more diversely, be inspired, enjoy an enhanced lifestyle,

      and at the same time, ensure the safety of the Earth.
      We are always designing the lifestyle of tomorrow.

      Innovation for Better Lifestyle & Tomorrow
      Hyosung TNC

  • Brand Promise

    We aim to establish and strengthen direct relationships with the public and end consumers,
    with the goal of being perceived as a partner who provides inspiration and turns it into reality for our direct clients.

    Direct Clients

    Partners who can provide inspiration and realization for a new fashion proposals

    End Consumers

    A company (brand) that satisfies your lifestyle and values by developing sustainable and innovative materials

    General Public

    A company that contributes to humanity and the Earth by establishing a better functional material and safeguards Earth’s precious ecosystems.