Brand Strategy


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Brand as Product

  • Products contributing to the innovation of a human lifestyles
  • Products that realize sustainability and contribute to the future of humanity

Brand as Organization

  • An organization always open to a new possibilities
  • An organization that sensitively responds to customer needs and technological trends
  • An organization that prioritizes the future gains over today's profits
  • An organization that leads collaboration in the industry ecosystem

Brand as Person

  • Brand personality : Delicate, meticulous, active, confident, with dreams for the future
  • Brand persona : Competent and responsible female scientist in her 30s to 40s
  • Tone & manner : Confident yet responsible with a strong "girl crush" tone and manner

Brand Value Proposition

  • An enterprise that leads the way in showcasing a new possibilities in lifestyle materials
  • A company that prioritizes environmental friendliness, ensuring safety in production, and contributing to the global environment
  • A company that creates products that strike a balance between functionality and environmental considerations, excelling in both aspects
  • A company that invests in the industry ecosystem and the environment ahead of immediate profits, prioritizing long-term benefits

Brand-Customer Relationship

  • Direct customers : Partners who provide inspiration and enable the realization of a new fashion proposals
  • End consumers : A company (brand) that fulfills the value of your life through sustainable and innovative material development
  • General public : A company contributing to humanity and the planet by developing a better functional materials and establishing an sustainable ecosystem