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Sustainability Sustainable


Responses for the future of every generation

  • ESG Brand "RE:GEN"

    Hyosung Group has been striving to practice ESG throughout its overall business operations, and it has made an efforts to establish the value of "ESG" at the center of innovation for each subsidiary within the group. As the technical and business substance behind this project has accumulated, we introduced in 2023 the ESG brand "RE:GEN - A Promise to Every Generation” in order to engage and disseminate ESG initiatives from within the group to partners and customers.

    Hyosung believes that ESG should not be limited to mere the good intentions or supplementary activities, as this cannot lead to a sustainable and safe world and society that every generation of humanity desire.

    Therefore, Hyosung aims to sincerely make efforts to establish ESG at the core of its business and to ensure that these values spread from all Hyosung members to all who empathize with Hyosung. Furthermore, Hyosung believes that the tradition it has held since its founding, namely its technological DNA, can contribute to making the aspirations of every generation a reality.

    The reason Hyosung introduced the ESG brand "RE:GEN" is to combine such a substance and values with technology to consolidate internal and external capabilities for creating substance-centered ESG and effective ESG.

    Hyosung already possesses numerous ESG assets within the company, and it aims not to fall into the mistake of using them solely for isolated corporate the image improvement efforts. Instead, it is making efforts to systematize these assets and simultaneously to gain external empathy while striving to create a virtuous circle where ESG is placed at the center of the industrial ecosystem.

  • RE:GEN Brand Name and Brand Identity

    The brand name "RE:GEN" is an abbreviation of "Reply to Every Generation's Future." It signifies the intention to develop ESG technologies and solutions for a safe and prosperous world that not only the current generation enjoys but also the future generations. Launched in 2023, this brand embodies the values that Hyosung, both internally and externally, aspires to in the realm of ESG. Hyosung's ESG also encompasses these core values, making it a commitment by Hyosung toward a better world.

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  • The Meaning Encapsulated
    in the RE:GEN Brand Design


    The purpose of visualizing RE:GEN is to help more consumers understand the authenticity of Hyosung and its partners, trust them, and thus make ESG something that everyone can participate in.

    The RE:GEN brand identity focuses on design development as a symbol of "acts of kindness" that everyone can participate in, by clearly conveying the value of a virtuous ecosystem cycle through friendly design and technology that can encompass all generations, rather than being limited to or appealing to specific trends or restricted targets.

    Specifically, it embodies the following values in the RE:GEN brand identity: ① [Friendly]: It should have a warm and friendly image of mutual communication rather than rigid one-way communication; ② [Easy]: It should be able to convey complex and challenging ESG information in an easy and intuitive way; ③ [Smart]: It should be able to fundamentally drive ESG in a smarter way based on a new technological capabilities; and ④ [Genuine]: It should convey the authenticity of taking action for the future.

    Through these values encapsulated in the RE:GEN brand identity, anyone who sees this image will empathize with and increase their willingness to participate in ESG practices for a better future.

  • Brand Architecture

    Hyosung Group's ESG brand theme is composed of five thematic brands, based on five core values, that form RE:GEN.



    Hyosung is actively engaged in activities that promote a circular economy by giving a new life to various materials, including discarded plastics. To achieve zero-waste at every moment, from a raw material development to production, transportation, and product usage, we are building an sustainable circular system.
    In 2007, Hyosung pioneered the development of regen Nylon yarn from materials recovered from discarded fishing nets, which posed a threat to marine ecosystems. In 2008, we also developed and produced regen polyester yarn from recycled PET bottles, a first in Korea. Additionally, we collaborate with a various companies to upcycle resources.


    Hyosung is committed to minimizing carbon emissions throughout the entire process, from research and development to shipment, by analyzing each stage anew and researching efficient improvement methods. We are developing various products that contribute to carbon reduction, such as energy storage systems (ESS), carbon fiber, Polyketone, and more. We create yarn from discarded plastics, contributing to resource circulation and carbon reduction.


    Hyosung is focused on the role of hydrogen and renewable energy as alternatives to fossil fuels. We are progressively advancing through innovative technological developments to safely utilize hydrogen as a major energy source in our lives. Materials, technology, transportation, and supply systems used in this process are part of Hyosung's commitment to preserving the Earth and benefiting the future generations.


    Excessive resource depletion poses a significant threat to humanity. Therefore, Hyosung is dedicated to developing sustainable technologies that minimize harmful elements to the Earth's environment and reduce the resource usage. We also aim to establish a smart energy network that encompasses materials, parts, and overall operations. In addition, we are promoting "paperless digital banking" through digital desk technology to accelerate the digitization of the financial sector, and we design energy-efficient solutions through STATCOM technology, contributing to innovation and savings.

  • Development Direction of
    the RE:GEN Brand

    Hyosung is dedicated to establishing a substantial corporate entity based on the ESG brand and has formulated and implemented a systematic plan to spread efforts and commitment toward ESG among both internal and external partners, including its various subsidiaries. To become a truly substantial ESG brand, Hyosung will enhance its marketing and communication capabilities to ensure that products reflecting these values can reach a wider range of customers and end-users.
    In 2023, Hyosung's major subsidiaries have also aligned themselves with the RE:GEN initiative, incorporating the essence of their respective business characteristics into the group's ESG brand, RE:GEN. Furthermore, each subsidiary's ESG brand is aimed at placing ESG at the center of their business activities, emphasizing the perspective that the subsidiary's business activities are synonymous with ESG activities. This approach ensures that ESG becomes a focal point in each subsidiary's business operations.

    Key Subsidiaries Corporate Brand Vision ESG Brands by Subsidiary
    Hyosung TNC Innovation for
    Better Lifestyle & Tomorrow
    Discover New Safety, New comfort
    through Future Materials
    Heavy Industries
    Total Energy Solution Leader
    for Tomorrow
    The Next Chemistry RE:GEN NEXT CHEMISTRY
    Hyosung TNS Global Human Experience Maker RE:GEN SMART IT
  • Hyosung's ESG Value Dissemination, RE:GEN Alliance

    The RE:GEN Alliance program is planned and executed to expand the scope of participation in ESG, allowing RE:GEN to become more than just Hyosung's brand. It involves various competent external participants and aims to contribute to the social dissemination of ESG, substantial improvement in ESG performance, and even the business performance of the participating organizations.
    RE:GEN Alliance will support the growth and coexistence of member companies as RE:GEN acts as a certified brand. Each company aims to introduce a broader range of products and solutions in various categories, reflecting their own growth, future, and the values of ESG. The goal is to make ESG a fundamental and foundational aspect of future consumer lifestyles by offering these choices to end-users.
    More specifically, Hyosung will invest in enhancing the trustworthiness, authenticity, and desirability of RE:GEN, acting as a practical umbrella for the early establishment of the alliance and the expansion of its target audience. RE:GEN Alliance participants will expand their practical presence into wider areas, leading participation in ESG realization and promoting its societal dissemination. Ultimately, the goal is mutual win-win outcomes and the proliferation of ESG substance.

    As of 2023, Hyosung has entered into alliances with over 15 small- and medium-sized enterprises producing excellent eco-friendly products such as PleatsMama and Harlie K. The plan is to continue expanding these alliances. RE:GEN Alliance will strive to promote the spread of more ESG values based on the core value of "Journeying with Every Generation." It aims to consolidate all capacities to enable the dissemination of the ESG ecosystem throughout society.

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  • RE:GEN will be more than just a symbol of Hyosung's ESG;
    it will become a promise and activity that allows every generation today and tomorrow
    to enjoy happiness in a better environment.