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  • The world's first floating
    cultural space,

    a landmark
    representing Seoul

    Operating the world's first floating
    architectural landmark, Sevit Island,
    we are developing it into a landmark
    of Seoul and the Han River.

    Sevit Island means "three islands that beautifully illuminate the Han River," and it is a complex
    cultural space created to enjoy the unique riverside culture found in the heart of Seoul, the
    Han River. It’s the world’s first floating structure built on a floating body on top of the water.
    It consists of three islands: Gavit, Chavit, and Solvit, and a water stage called Yevit. It offers a
    buffet, restaurant, and cafe with a view of the Han River, as well as F&B facilities and water
    leisure facilities such as yachts and tube riders for tourists to enjoy. We are making an efforts
    to promote Sevit Island as a landmark representing Seoul.

Some Sevit

A space filled with the taste and enjoyment, Chavit

A complex cultural space that offers more than 120 high-quality dishes at a live buffet restaurant called "Chavit Cuisine" hosts exhibitions, performances, events, corporate rentals, and even more are in the works.

A premium space for a special events, Gavit

In addition to "Café Dolce," where you can enjoy premium bakery and coffee, and "Isola," a restaurant with various Italian dishes, there are "FIC," a convention hall optimized for holding MICE industries such as international conferences, corporate events, banquets, and ceremonies, and "GS25," a lifestyle platform.

A new space where everything comes to life, Solvit

Featuring "Mood Seoul," where you can enjoy various seafood dishes paired with wine, whiskey, highballs, and more with a 360-degree view of the Han River, and "Mood Seoul by Get All Right," which hosts live performances every week against the panoramic backdrop of the Han River view.

A space for passion, entertainment, and love, Yevit

This is a media art gallery space where you can enjoy a variety of video contents. It utilizes a large LED screen and a waterside stage to bring you a diverse performances and events along the Han River.


Chavit Cuisine