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Production Technology

Based on a leading technological capabilities in the global market, we optimize production processes to ensure that products meeting the highest quality standards in a line with customer needs are produced reliably and on time. We continuously improve our production processes to enhance the cost competitiveness, maximizing efficiency across the entire production spectrum, and preparing ourselves for the competitive demands of future markets.
Quality inspection and improvement tasks for products produced in domestic and global factories are performed, and international quality standards are certified and managed based on a global quality, safety, and environmental criteria. Through periodic supplier management and support, uniform quality is achieved, and customer satisfaction is realized through quick and accurate improvement measures in the event of customer complaints and claims.
Maintenance is carried out to ensure that production facilities and electrical/power distribution facilities are in optimal condition. Existing equipment issues are identified to maximize their capabilities, and improvements are made. Furthermore, when establishing or expanding domestic and global factories, new machinery is designed and installed to stabilize processes quickly.
Operations, maintenance, and improvements of factory utilities such as power, environmental facilities, and utility facilities necessary for the normal operation of production facilities are conducted to increase process efficiency and promote energy savings and emission reduction activities.
Environmental facilities, including facilities for minimizing environmental impact through hazardous chemical management, air pollution prevention, wastewater treatment, and waste disposal, are managed and operated to minimize negative environmental impacts from business activities.
Safety standards in compliance with environmental and safety regulations are established and managed at the workplace to prevent potential accidents among workers, managing production sites and construction sites.
Production plans are formulated, and processes are managed to produce products that meet customer’s requirements with the highest quality within the delivery schedule.


To maximize the company's profits, we establish sales objectives, propose and sell products to domestic customers, and manage the relationships of customer.
By understanding the needs of global customers, products are produced at optimized global production bases for each customer, and providing differentiated value-in-use (VIU) to customers and contributing to the company's revenue generation.
Thorough and detailed market research is conducted to achieve sales goals, and market trends of competitors are monitored to explore a new markets. Various marketing strategies are developed by thoroughly to analyze customer’s needs to secure new customers.
Based on expertise in products/technology, tasks are performed to propose differentiated products to customers that meet their needs and maximize the company's value. In addition, through differentiated solutions proposed to customers, customer interactions are expanded to maximize customer’s satisfaction.

Business Support

The company establishes the vision and goals for its business to ensure sustainable growth. It presents various management strategies to the management team to achieve business objectives and enhance existing business capabilities. It also takes proactive measures to address business risks and performs various tasks related to the management.
Digital innovation strategies for each business area are planned, and tasks are performed to promote smart factory transformation and implement informatization, automation, and intelligence of production-based systems.
Tasks mainly include fund procurement and execution for the company's financial operations, domestic and international disclosure tasks, financial statement preparation, and reporting, as well as tax-related tasks such as corporate tax and value-added tax reporting.
Through recruitment, evaluation, personnel management, and the establishment of a healthy labor-management relationship, human resources are efficiently managed. Education programs are operated to enable employees to grow as talents with business capabilities to operate global businesses, enhancing individual and organizational competitiveness.
A conducive working environment is created for employees to exercise their ownership and passion to the fullest, and various events are organized to manage the company’s tangible and intangible assets.
External PR tasks are performed to improve the image through media and public relations activities related to corporate management and corporate social responsibility activities. Internal communication tasks are also conducted through internal communication channels such as newsletters and internal broadcasts to share the company’s values and corporate culture with employees.
Support is provided for employees to perform their duties in accordance with laws and internal rules. Legal risks that may arise during the company's activities are managed, and legal advice, litigation, and arbitration tasks are performed in the event of legal disputes.
The procurement of a high-quality raw materials at competitive prices and in a timely manner to produce top-quality products is handled.