Giving new direction in textile innovation
to maximize customer value

  • EcoMaterial
    for the Next Generation


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    Establishing regen's prominence as a leading brand of sustainable fiber materials
    in the global market and enhancing its global scalability

Brand Logo

  • Recycle

    regen (regen blue)

    Sustainable recycled materials
    for an eco lifestyle

  • Bio-based

    regen Bio-Based (regen green)

    Bio-based materials, biodegradable materials,
    and depolymerization materials, etc.


Regen brand positioning

A leading brand creating a coexistent and collaborative future
as an innovator in sustainable fiber development

Brand Vision

  • A leading brand innovating to realize the global eco-system


  • Sustainable fiber materials

Brand Equity

  • South Korea's first recycling brand : Launched as a pioneer when there was little interest in plastic recycling

    Trust in quality : Not lacking in terms of quality and functionality compared to conventional fiber materials

    Creating an sustainable corporate ecosystem : Proactively investing in recycling technology in a collaboration with various organizations

Customer Benefit

  • A brand that simultaneously offers an sustainable lifestyle and high functionality

    A brand that aims to propose a more advanced functionality and a more modern lifestyle than competitors

Consumer Benefit

  • Meets the desire to demonstrate that environment friendly itself is innovation

    A way to participate in efforts for the next generation

Brand Personality

  • Innovative : A brand that can turn impossible realities into possibilities through technology

    Warm : A brand that takes a leading role in creating an ecosystem for the next generation through cooperation rather than competition

    Confident : Unwavering confidence in solutions, not vague responses

Target Customer

  • All global brands are aiming to be a leading sustainable brands with a high functionality

Target Consumer

  • Thoughtful consumers who care about the next generation

    Consumers who cannot give up their advanced lifestyle but actively participate in efforts for the future consumer

Customer Insight

  • Brands concerned about the low quality of existing sustainable materials

    Brands that want to create a better products but cannot ignore environment friendly