Brand Strategy

Group brand

  • Promising
    the Future Today

    Hyosung promises tomorrow the first.

    Hyosung dreams of a better tomorrow for every generation.
    Until now, the world of the future was always one of promise, however the generation to come will face threats from various issues, including the environment.

    Hyosung is passionately committed to ensuring that tomorrow can mean "a better day" for every generation. We do this by harnessing the potential the Earth holds, developing a new materials and technologies, enhancing the cleanliness of energy, and building the infrastructure and ecosystems to sustain it.

    For the tomorrow that every generation’s dream of, Hyosung challenges itself today. We dedicate ourselves at every moment to make a brighter tomorrow full of possibilities for all humanity.

  • Brand Essence

    The core of the brand is to create customer-centric innovation and experiences, leading customer engagement, and swiftly delivering possibilities for tomorrow in today's context. It involves transforming into a company that moves swiftly and responsively to meet customer needs, collecting what is necessary, and continuously experimenting. It also involves instilling speed, efficiency, and agility based on the customer’s needs within a rigid organization, fostering internal and external collaboration, and demonstrating leadership.

    • BRAND

      Agile Promise

      An agile commitment to customers

    • BRAND

      We put into practice our commitment to customers and
      to innovation for a sustainable tomorrow today.

      Be the First to Practice the Innovation & Sustainable Future for Customers

    • BRAND

      We are the leading global innovation solutions company
      of the transformative era.

      Global No.1 Innovation Solution Provider to Lead the Transition


      • Customer value

        Customer - Oriented

        A company that responds swiftly to customer needs and feedback and strives toward its goals

        Innovation begins not with processes or forms but with the voice of the customer. Believing that the highest value ultimately comes from customer recognition, we will strive to effect changes that satisfy customers first, based on close communication and collaboration with customers, and we will move quickly to keep our promises to customers.

      • Social values

        Responsibility for the Future

        A company that is fully conscious of its responsibility in how technology can change the environment, society, and the future

        As a member of a society living in an era where the urgent demands for a sustainable future go beyond growth solely based on the responsibility of technology to change the environment, society, and the future, we understand that all our actions as a corporate entity can impact our environment and the existence of the next generation. Hyosung, understanding the responsibility of technology in shaping our future, will contribute to leading way in a more sustainable direction.

      • Innovation value

        Striving for Innovation

        An organization that doesn't shy away from new challenges, difficulties, and failures in pursuit of innovation

        Transformative change and innovation that can change the world do not happen overnight. Every process we go through becomes another piece in the foundation of future innovation. Hyosung will always embrace a new technologies, services, processes, and cultures for customers without fear, and we will not hesitate to take on courageous challenges to create change and a better tomorrow for customers.

      • Internal organizational values

        Flexible Synergy

        An organization based on a flexible team culture that makes quick decisions, grows together, and achieves synergy

        We believe that the best innovations come from organized synergy driven by motivated individuals. We will work to make our organization more flexible so that not only our internal organization but all stakeholders can generate more efficient synergy, sparing no effort to create a greater value through cooperation inside and outside the organization.

    • BRAND

      Promising the Future Today

      Hyosung promises tomorrow the first.