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High Value-added New Materials: Hyosung's Representative in the Textile Industry

Over the past half-century, Hyosung has consistently embraced evolution and innovation to meet the demands of the times and solidify its intrinsic value. Through its unique and pioneering technologies, Hyosung has emerged as an industry leader, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth opportunities through ongoing research and development. Hyosung’s relentless efforts have resulted in numerous achievements, especially in aramid, polyketone, carbon fiber, and eco-friendly fiber regen. Due to these groundbreaking achievements, Hyosung has become a world leader in high-value-added new materials. Today, Hyosung proudly presents its fiber technology, a promising driving force for Hyosung's future growth. Regen: Eco-friendly Fiber for the Eco-friendly Era To address the climate crisis and promote sustainability, Hyosung develops and manufactures eco-friendly fibers. As environmental concern rises, fashion brands increasingly embrace sustainability while reducing petroleum usage, minimizing landfill waste, and facilitating resource circulation. Even before the recent uptick in environmental awareness, Hyosung was at the forefront of eco-friendly fiber innovation. Currently, Hyosung operates the eco-friendly fiber brand, "regen," which offers 100% recycled fibers. As a leading provider of synthetic fibers with and unwavering focus on sustainability, Hyosung excels at producing spandex, nylon, and polyester- the three major synthetic fibers. Hyosung's regen brand encompasses diverse recycled fiber products, including regen Nylon, which upcycles nylon waste generated during production, and regen Ocean Nylon, crafted from discarded fishing nets recovered from the ocean. Additionally, Hyosung introduces eco-friendly functional yarns, such as regen Askin, regen Cotna, regen Robic, and regen Aerolight, seamlessly merging eco-friendliness with functionality. These exceptional fibers find applications across sportswear, outdoor wear, and functional clothing, dispelling any notion that eco-friendly materials compromise performance. In addition to recycling fibers, Hyosung concentrates on eco-friendly raw materials. regen Bio-Based, an innovative fiber product from Hyosung, uses bio-based materials to achieve significant carbon reduction effects, surpassing conventional environmentally friendly standards. The world's first regen Bio-Based, made from natural materials extracted from corn rather than traditional coal, has been pioneered by Hyosung. As a result of this groundbreaking approach, coal, and petroleum-based raw materials are reduced, while renewable resources are promoted. Unlocking New Possibilities with Eco-Friendly Fiber regen Hyosung's eco-friendly are widely used in high-performance outdoor apparel, uniforms, functional workwear, IT products, and electronics that require multiple high-strength and high-performance fibers. Among recent noteworthy developments are dust-proof suits made from regen, a fiber derived from PET bottles collected from various locations, including local governments near Hwaseong and Suwon, including Samsung Electronics' semiconductor businesses. These regen-based dust-proof suits are worn at Samsung Electronics semiconductor sites, offering dust-proof capabilities and environmental sustainability. By using eco-friendly fibers like regen Askin (coolness), regen Robic (durability), regen Aerosilver (antibacterial properties), regen Xanadu (stretchability), and regen Aerocool (rapid absorbency and drying), these suits meet a wide range of environmental requirements. In producing dust-proof suits for Samsung Electronics' semiconductor facilities, a pivotal moment to challenge the misconception regarding eco-friendly fibers and their compatibility with high-quality, functional apparel. Despite preconceived notions, this venture illustrates the expanded potential of eco-friendly functional fibers. Hyosung creates dust-proof suits with enhanced functionality using PET bottles collected from Samsung Electronics' semiconductor facilities and surrounding areas. Hyosung has already successfully incorporated regen into corporate uniforms for Hyundai Heavy Industries, POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks, CGV, and Lotteria. Building upon this success, the introduction of regen dust-proof suits catalyzes the broader application of eco-friendly functional apparel beyond uniforms. Carbon Fiber: Stronger Than Steel, the Dream Material Hyosung has successfully developed high-performance carbon fiber, widely acknowledged as the "next growth engine" and the "dream material," establishing it as a key driver for future growth. With a carbon content exceeding 92%, carbon fiber is four times lighter than steel, possessing ten times the strength and seven times the elasticity. Its exceptional attributes, including outstanding corrosion resistance, conductivity, and heat resistance, position it as an ideal lightweight substitute for steel. Hyosung embarked on carbon fiber development in 2008, achieving a groundbreaking milestone in 2011 by becoming the third company globally and the first in Korea to independently develop carbon fiber, following Japan and the United States. This success led to the introduction of the esteemed high-performance carbon fiber brand, TANSOME®, solidifying Hyosung's reputation for technological prowess. Furthermore, Hyosung expanded its carbon fiber facility in 2020 and accomplished the development of ultra-high-strength carbon fiber in 2022. While conventional carbon fiber has already surpassed steel in strength by tenfold, the ultra-high-strength carbon fiber surpasses steel by over 14 times, positioning it as a remarkable variant. The independent development of carbon fiber and the breakthrough in ultra-high-strength carbon fiber have garnered significant attention due to their wide-ranging applicability across industries and their pivotal role in advancing lightweighting initiatives. The Infinite Possibilities of Carbon Fiber: A Versatile Material Carbon fiber, known as a dream material, is lighter than steel yet boasts high strength and exceptional properties, making it applicable across various industries. It is hailed as a revolutionary material capable of driving lightweight and propelling industrial advancements. We will examine its role in different industries, resulting in weight reduction and encouraging industrial advancement. Carbon fiber plays a important role in weight reduction in the automotive industry, particularly with the rise of electric and hydrogen vehicles as eco-friendly alternatives. Carbon fiber’s remarkable properties enable vehicles to shed unnecessary weight without compromising structural integrity. Carbon fiber is particularly useful in high-pressure CNG tanks for CNG buses, hydrogen storage containers for hydrogen electric vehicles, and storage solutions for hydrogen refueling stations. Adding carbon fiber to these components increases their strength while reducing their weight, enhancing fuel efficiency, and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The remarkable applications of carbon fiber also extend to the aerospace industry, including satellite launches. Hyosung has unlocked tremendous potential for aerospace advancements in developing ultra-high-strength carbon fiber. In addition to aircraft fuselages and components, this cutting-edge material also finds use in space projectiles manufactured by Boeing, a leader in the aerospace industry. The ultra-high-strength carbon fiber is a crucial and indispensable material for propelling the space industry forward, offering unprecedented strength, elasticity, and a significantly lighter weight compared to conventional materials like aluminum. During the recent rocket launch for the Nuri satellite, the carbon composite payload fairing safeguarded the satellite. Carbon fiber has become an essential material in several industrial sectors, including wind power development, transportation vehicles with high-pressure vessels, high-voltage wires with wire cores, and civil engineering and architectural reinforcement with carbon fiber sheets. Its versatility plays a vital role in boosting the potential for future industrial growth. Carbon fiber is crucial in enhancing the potential for future industrial development across industries like aviation, transportation, and construction. Carbon fiber may seem distant from our daily lives, but it is already integrated into products we commonly encounter. Carbon fiber is present in sports and leisure goods like snowboards, golf clubs, fishing rods, bicycles, and surfboards. This enables us to experience its technological advancements without even realizing it. Over its half a century of existence, Hyosung has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to research and development, delivering exceptional and groundbreaking technologies. As a result of this relentless pursuit, Hyosung has earned the distinction of being the first Korean company to develop carbon fiber. Founded in the chemical fiber industry, Hyosung continues to develop innovative high-value-added materials and fibers. Our success is not a coincidence but the result of Hyosung's unwavering commitment to crafting environmentally friendly functional fibers to shape a sustainable future. Hyosung has laid the foundation for future industries by independently pioneering the development of carbon fiber, cementing its commitment to creating a better tomorrow through continuous technological advancement. As Hyosung's research and development endeavors continue, we eagerly await the unveiling of new materials and innovations that will transform the way we live in the future.



Embedding Brand Stories in Fonts: Brand New Hyosung Font

Recently, companies have placed increased focus on fonts to establish their brand identity. According to the results of the study "Analysis of the Utilization of Domestic Exclusive Fonts and the Correlation Study of Consumer Brand Awareness,” there is a proven correlation between the frequency of exposure to brand-specific fonts and higher utility and consumers' positive perception of the brand. Businesses can effortlessly establish a distinctive brand identity that sets them apart from the competition by forging an immediate connection between a company and its unique font. Known as typo branding, this process enables a company to unify its voice and convey its values effectively. Hyosung Group also aims to convey its distinctive voice, embodying the four core values of Hyosung Way – Global Excellence, Innovation, Accountability, and Integrity - which represent the direction toward a new future for the group. Hyosung Group intends to unveil its own brand font encapsulating these values. Hyosung Group aims to capture the essence of the new Hyosung in its own exclusive font, intended for its employees, the public, and customers. This font, called "Brand New Hyosung," represents a youthful and evolving image while retaining the Gothic framework and it possesses a comfortable sense of balance, making it readable in various contexts and enabling effective communication of sentences. With the "Brand New Hyosung" font, Hyosung promises to embrace tomorrow first and a future filled with possibilities. Typobranding at Hyosung Group Companies develop their own fonts, so-called typography branding because fonts can represent the brand and company's image just like a logo. By unifying the font used in all marketing materials, companies can ensure that the message they want to convey is consistently delivered. Unlike simple text, visible fonts can be perceived as a design element, so using a font that fits the brand can have the same effect as showing a logo. The effect can be maximized if the company also writes the message they want to convey in the same font. Hyosung Group plans to start typographic branding by developing a new brand font exclusively for Hyosung Group. We aim to unify the corporate image of Hyosung Group through the Brand New Hyosung font and establish a unique image for Hyosung Group. Through the Brand New Hyosung font, which embodies the sincerity of the four core values of Hyosung Way - Global Excellence, Innovation, Accountability, and Integrity for the future - we plan to consistently convey the image of Hyosung. Hyosung Group has high expectations for using an exclusive font to convey the message and image that Hyosung wants to convey consistently through the brand-new Hyosung font. Hyosung Group's Exclusive Font- ‘Brand New Hyosung’ Hyosung Group is a company that has recorded a history of over half a century, growing alongside the development of the Korean industry since its establishment. As we enter an era of rapid technological advancements marked by energy transition, climate crisis, and unprecedented changes, Hyosung Group is actively adapting to these accelerating changes, striving to lead innovation and embrace a youthful and dynamic transformation. The company is currently undertaking a brand revisioning project. As part of the brand revisioning project aimed at creating a distinctive and consistent branding in line with the new changes in Hyosung Group, the company has developed its exclusive font, 'Brand New Hyosung.' Developed as a single font to ensure consistent brand image communication, the Brand New Hyosung font embodies a youthful and evolving design while maintaining the Gothic framework. It possesses a balanced readability and is optimized for conveying information in various environments. To enhance versatility, the font is available in three different weights. Furthermore, the Brand New Hyosung font maintains a solid and stable framework, representing a firm determination towards Hyosung's technological prowess, with skin as a distinguishing feature added to the Gothic structure. The diagonal cut in the vertical strokes of the skin section retains a design element that embodies the image of innovative transformation. Hyosung Group is preparing for a new beginning through brand revisioning as an innovative and dynamically evolving Hyosung Group. Through this brand revisioning, Hyosung aims to convey its distinct brand identity, encapsulating the special essence of Hyosung, and hopes that this will be communicated to everyone who encounters Hyosung through the exclusive font, Brand New Hyosung. Hyosung Group aspires for the absolute values and direction it pursues to be conveyed to all individuals who come into contact with Hyosung. We promise to create a new brand for Hyosung Group that is innovative, youthful, and fresh, just like the distinctive and consistent Brand New Hyosung font. While embracing a spirit of innovation and youthfulness, we remain unwavering in our commitment to our technological DNA. - Anyone, including schools, individuals, public institutions, etc., can download and use the exclusive font of Hyosung Group, Brand New Hyosung, for free. It can be used commercially without restrictions on media and usage, such as video, print, web, mobile, etc. - All copyright and ownership rights related to the Brand New Hyosung font, which is the exclusive font of Hyosung Group, belong to Hyosung Group. Any modification or reverse engineering of the source code, in whole or in part, without prior written approval from Hyosung Group is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized distribution or resale through arbitrary modification or renaming is also prohibited. - Anyone can freely use Hyosung's exclusive font, Brand New Hyosung, as long as they comply with the restriction that it cannot be used for creating materials with negative images, such as pornography or socially unacceptable content.



Unraveling the Three Leaders of Hyosung TNC's CREORA

Clothing is fundamental for survival, as it helps regulate body temperature and shields us from the perils of the natural environment. Today, the fashion industry has evolved significantly, transforming clothes into a powerful non-verbal communication tool and a medium for self-expression. Uniforms reveal one's profession, while the design and color of clothing provide insights into a person's disposition. Furthermore, dressing appropriately for various settings and occasions, be it at work, official events, weddings, or funerals, conveys a sense of courtesy and respect. Consumers have come to value clothes based on a holistic approach, considering factors such as time, space, experience, and context. Responding to this trend, Hyosung TNC, a global leader in textile solutions, is committed to enhancing consumers' lifestyles with the development of functional fibers that offer superior comfort. In the current fiber industry, there are only a few companies that can produce and supply all three essential fibers: spandex, polyester, and nylon. Leveraging its exceptional technology and comprehensive understanding of market insights, Hyosung's representative textiles stand at the forefront of the global market. These textiles boast infinite features and applications, constantly evolving to cater to the ever-changing lifestyles and needs of consumers. Hyosung TNC's main fibers: spandex, polyester, nylon Hyosung TNC's flagship fiber is spandex, crafted from polyurethane—a material renowned for its exceptional elasticity, capable of stretching 5 to 8 times its original length. This remarkable attribute makes it a preferred choice in various industries, finding applications in underwear, swimwear, sportswear, jeans, and even baby diapers, where its strength and lightweight nature surpass rubber. Back in 1992, Hyosung achieved a significant milestone by developing its own spandex technology, making it the first Korean company to do so. With a keen eye on the global market, the company strategically established production plants in China, Vietnam, Turkey, and Brazil, effectively elevating its textile brand, CREORA, to the world-leading position. The impact of the CREORA brand has been so immense that numerous sportswear items available on the market today are crafted using Hyosung TNC's innovative fiber. The second remarkable fiber offered by Hyosung TNC is polyester, derived from polyethylene terephthalate. Boasting an incredibly diverse range of applications, it remains virtually wrinkle-free, dries rapidly, and requires minimal upkeep, as it resists shrinking and stretching during washing. Moreover, its lightweight nature and resistance to friction make it an ideal choice for various purposes. Additionally, polyester exhibits remarkable heat resistance. As such, Hyosung stands at the forefront of the market, driven by its unique technology, and produces not only regular yarns but also high-functional special fibers tailored to different applications. Finally, a field that fills Hyosung TNC with pride is their exceptional nylon fiber. The company's rich history, beginning with the establishment of Tongyang Nylon in 1966, speaks volumes about their extensive experience and technological prowess in manufacturing world-class nylon yarn. Nylon, a luxurious material, stands out for its outstanding strength and durability, all the while maintaining a soft texture. Its versatility is evident in a wide range of applications, including stockings, shirts, blouses, ties, belts, bags, lingerie and more. Notably, nylon's exceptional dyeing and reproducibility qualities make it a preferred choice for creating vibrant and colorful clothing items. Hyosung's high-strength nylon fibers are particularly well-suited for outdoor activities, making them a highly attractive option in today's market. Each fiber has its own strengths and characteristics and is used differently. However, Hyosung TNC is developing materials that boast more diverse applications by strengthening the advantages of each fiber and supplementing their weaknesses. Hyosung’s passion for satisfying consumer needs enabled the creation of highly functional products beyond the limits of textiles. Ever-Evolving Fibers CREORA, the previously esteemed global No.1 spandex brand by Hyosung TNC, has undergone a transformative brand architecture reorganization. It emerges as a comprehensive brand encompassing all major fibers, including nylon and polyester. Leveraging Hyosung TNC's exceptional technological expertise, the diverse range of fibers developed now seamlessly blend fashion and functionality. Among the innovative fibers, CREORA® Color+ stands out as a remarkable material capable of producing brilliant and vibrant colors, thanks to its exceptional color development properties. Unlike conventional spandex that does not dye, this product is specially designed to be knit or woven with nylon and dyed using acid dye. The result is deep, luxurious color with excellent dyeability and washing fastness, eliminating the common "grin-through" issue that causes spandex to appear gray, resisting color migration and ensuring the fabric's color remains vivid. This special fabric offers a world of vivid hues, enhancing everything from underwear and socks to thin stockings and beachwear. The exceptional properties of spandex find a perfect pairing with both polyester and nylon. Introducing CREORA® Power Fit, a spandex that lives up to its name, boasting robust holding power and remarkable heat resistance. Even during high-temperature dyeing processes, it retains its fabric-holding capabilities, leading to stunning colors and outstanding color fastness. CREORA® Power Fit stands strong even in lightweight and thin fabrics, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including shapewear, compression clothing, general attire, denim, and sportswear. With its unique characteristics, this fiber provides unparalleled comfort and a gratifying fit, satisfying the diverse needs of both performance and style in their garments. CREORA® Highclo™ is the ultimate swimwear spandex, specially crafted to combat chlorine damage. It effectively shields spandex from deformations and weakening caused by exposure to chlorine in swimming pools or during washing and processing. With CREORA® Highclo™, the swimsuit will retain its elasticity and shape for extended periods while allowing the consumers to move with enhanced functionality and comfort. CREORA® Eco-soft, primarily used in innerwear and general clothing. What sets it apart is its unique ability to be heat-set at a lower temperature than conventional spandex. This feature ensures that it prevents yellowing and heat damage when combined with heat-sensitive materials. Moreover, CREORA® Eco-soft offers excellent dimensional stability, while providing a soft and comfortable touch. In addition, Hyosung TNC has developed a diverse range of series that harness the advantages of spandex and they are widely incorporated into various clothing styles. Hyosung is at the forefront of the polyester fiber market, consistently striving to enhance customer value by offering a wide array of differentiated polyester fibers. From general fibers to high-functional special yarns, our diverse product line is meticulously designed to meet a wide range of needs. While polyester boasts many advantages, it does have some downsides. It is susceptible to static electricity, has a tendency to retain heat, and lacks natural moisture absorption. However, Hyosung TNC has tackled these shortcomings through extensive research and development, leading to the creation of innovative products. CREORA® Askin provides a contact cooling function that allows the consumer to feel cool while wearing it. The special minerals in the yarn and the differentiated cross-section efficiently absorb heat, as well as enable opacity and provide U/V blocking effects, giving a comfortable fit. CREORA® Aerocool is a representative functional yarn with fast moisture absorption and excellent drying capabilities, made possible by the fine channels present on the fiber surface. The unique cross-sectional structure of the clover shape expands the contact surface with the skin to quickly absorb sweat. Furthermore, the absorbed sweat is quickly expelled through the fine channels formed on the surface of the fabric. This sweat-wicking, quick-drying properties significantly improves the overall exercise experience by providing a smooth and comfortable fit. CREORA® Aerosilver introduces an innovative composite functional material that combines both antibacterial and quick-drying properties, making it a versatile choice for various applications, including sportswear and innerwear. By effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria, this functional yarn ensures long-lasting freshness for the consumers. Moreover, it excels in sweat absorption and discharge, further enhancing comfort during physical activities. Hyosung studies the pros and cons of polyester, striving to continuously develop and produce products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the public. Hyosung, a renowned world-class nylon yarn manufacturer, boasts over 50 years of production know-how, making it a trusted global supplier of high-quality yarn with a wide array of functionalities. One of the disadvantages of nylon is that it is difficult to use in summer clothing because it does not absorb sweat. Hyosung has researched and developed high-performance products for more diverse uses of nylon. CREORA® Aqua-X is a cool-touch functional yarn that has UV protection and quick-drying functions, so it is suitable for active clothing in hot summer against strong UV rays and excessive sweating. CREORA® Fine & Soft are specialized fine fibers designed for creating lighter and more delicate fabrics. These fibers are made from nylon and offer unique characteristics, such as softness and lightness, which make them ideal for creating comfortable underwear. Hyosung continues to explore various materials to further increase the utilization of nylon. Hyosung TNC has no limits! Hyosung TNC is driven by the goal of providing customers with more useful and convenient products. Through extensive research, considering all possibilities and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each fiber, we have successfully introduced products that cater to the lifestyles of our customers. The commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is evident in Hyosung's limitless approach, bolstered by their excellent technology. At the heart of Hyosung's success lies their genuine care for customers. From the initial product development to addressing customer concerns, we remain focused on delivering better quality yarn that meets and exceeds customer expectations.



‘Hyosung Meta-Showroom’ An Encounter With Hyosung Across Time and Space

Introducing an extraordinary realm that doesn not exist on the ground or in the sky, welcoming visitors who wish to discover remarkable products firsthand - behold the captivating realm of a virtual showroom, where the convergence of 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) technology unfolds. It goes beyond simply uploading images and realistically presents products or technologies revealing brand identity. Customers can experience and explore the products without physical contact, gaining information, interacting with 3D objects or making purchases. The digital showroom can showcase abstract and invisible technologies, as well as products that are too large to exhibit in traditional offline settings. Hyosung Group has developed a transcendent digital showroom catering to global customers and the public. This unique space comprises eight sections, each dedicated to showcasing different aspects of the brand: ESG, TNC, Advanced Materials, Chemicals, Heavy Industries, TNS, and Lifestyle. Through this digital showroom, Hyosung unveils its diverse range of products and cutting-edge technologies while visually representing the company's eco-friendly vision and commitment to agile management. Hyosung Group's Digital Showroom Hyosung Group is a company that communicates with customers and society through its technology. Its vision encompasses the future of all generations, including the next generation. Our next generation is threatened by climate crisis, ocean pollution, and fossil fuel consumption. Hyosung Group, committed to efforts for the future, has been continuously conducting research on new materials and technologies to escape from the current dark tunnel. The digital showroom, starting from the main page, showcases Hyosung's footsteps and actions that hold responsibility for the environment and the future, such as eco-friendly technologies, innovative materials, and environmentally friendly urban and lifestyle changes, all aiming for a better future. Upon entering the main page, visitors are greeted with a stunning 3D bridge video that beautifully showcases the brand identity. As we explore, visitors will witness a harmonious blend of urban and natural landscapes in the Coastal Eco City of New Zealand, envisioned for the future in the year 2040. The city features elegantly curved architectural structures arranged in a picturesque manner. Each building in the digital showroom reflects the unique characteristics of its respective industry. Notably, the central building, representing the Hyosung brand, is shaped in the form of the letter "H," symbolizing the company's name. Additionally, the TNC building depicts the twist and intricacy of fibers, highlighting the essence of textile expertise. The first screen of the digital showroom welcomes visitors with a tutorial. It explains how to use the mouse for 360-degree rotation and direction change and the keyboard for movement. All sections are organized as buttons at the top for quick navigation with a simple click. Initially, visitors enter the HYOSUNG Brand Pavilion, where everything about the Hyosung Group is introduced. Inside the H-shaped Hyosung Brand Pavilion, visitors can explore the story of the Hyosung Group, which aims to innovate continuously for its customers. Inside, customers can find the Hyosung brand identity, manifesto, brand videos, customer-oriented activities, innovative technologies, and products of each business, ESG management activities, as well as Hyosung’s heritage and history through rich visual materials such as photos and videos. It is a comfortable space where visitors can gain access to Hyosung's unique stories as if they were visiting a virtual reality Hyosung history museum. When pressing the building shaped like a globe on the left side of the Brand Pavilion, it leads to the Hyosung ESG Pavilion. Hyosung focuses on efforts towards the happiness of all generations and a sustainable future through the development of materials and energy. Hyosung has created the group ESG brand RE:GEN (Reply to Every Generation’s Future) for this purpose. At the ESG Pavilion, visitors can explore various ESG activities of the Hyosung Group and discover the RE:GEN stories related to five themes: RECYCLE, UPCYCLE, ZERO, NEW ENERGY, and SAVE. Having explored Hyosung Group's vision, story, and ESG management brand RE:GEN, take a closer look at how Hyosung Group has placed its ideas into practice through cutting-edge technologies and products. Behind the brand section, to the right of the ESG pavilion, there is the 'Hyosung's New Energy Solutions' and the Hyosung Heavy Industries section. Hyosung Heavy Industries aims to provide total energy solutions for an enhanced lifestyle and convenience. In this pavilion, visitors can explore various solutions offered by Hyosung Heavy Industries, including sustainable eco-friendly infrastructure, future power grid systems, ECO solutions, digital solutions, and even hydrogen charging stations. Each exhibit introduces the cutting-edge technologies of Hyosung Heavy Industries, which are vital for sustainable living. The Hyosung Advanced Materials pavilion embodies Hyosung's determination to develop Future Materials that offer upgraded safety and comfort for all generations, including the customers. The slogan, 'Discover New Safety & New Comfort through Future Materials,' represents this spirit. In this section, visitors can learn about the brand identity of Hyosung Advanced Materials and various Future Materials of the industry. We can also explore the technology of Hyosung's advanced materials used in automobiles, interiors, and other applications, as well as explanations of materials such as carbon fiber and aramid. Nestled to the right of the brand pavilion, the striking Hyosung TNC Pavilion captures attention with its unique exterior design, reminiscent of the artful twist of fibers. Visitors will be immersed in the world of innovation where Hyosung TNC shapes the lifestyle of tomorrow while embracing a sustainable future for our planet. Within this captivating space, visitors are invited to explore Hyosung TNC identity, technology, and products. Visitors can discover the brand story behind CREORA, Hyosung TNC's hallmark fiber brand, encompassing spandex, polyester, and nylon yarns. Furthermore, visitors can uncover the story of regen, the eco-friendly fiber brand, and gain insights into the core technologies that propel these products to new heights, such as Bio-Materials. Adjacent to the TNC area stands the Hyosung Chemical Pavilion, a testament to the brand's dedication to shaping a circular chemical industry that fosters innovation and opens up endless possibilities for future generations. Within the pavilion's walls, visitors are invited to explore the diverse range of materials produced by Hyosung Chemical, such as PP/DH, TPA, Film, Optical Film, Neochem, and POK. The central area of the pavilion offers an immersive experience where guests can witness these materials come to life through captivating 3D displays showcasing their real-world applications. By interacting with the rotating exhibits, visitors gain access to a deeper understanding of the intricate structures that underlie these remarkable materials. This space showcases technologies that are difficult to exhibit in real life, providing visitors with a firsthand look. At the far end of the Hyosung Meta-Showroom, behind the brand pavilion, is the Hyosung TNS pavilion. Here, visitors are welcomed into a world of innovation that promises a more convenient and user-friendly tomorrow in finance and retail. One of the highlights in this section is the Hyosung Innovue system, skillfully designed by Hyosung TNS. As visitors step into this realm, they can immerse themselves in the wonders of TangoLife's cutting-edge ATMs and kiosks, AI refrigerators, and TangoCafe's robotic arm automatic coffee machines. These groundbreaking solutions seamlessly blend banking, retail, and services, elevating convenience for people in myriad ways. These solutions are virtually demonstrated, showcasing their automation and optimization features. In addition, visitors can also experience BlueVerse, a platform that provides high reliability, consistent experience, future-oriented scalability, operational convenience, and customer-tailored services. The virtual space offers an opportunity to experience how Hyosung provides satisfaction in diverse ways in finance and retail. Finally, on the far right, is the Hyosung Lifestyle pavilion, a digital space showcasing Hyosung Lifestyle, which creates comfort and convenience for humanity with the best technology and products provided by Hyosung for everyday needs. The section allows visitors to experience life for the upcoming generations, explore lifestyle applications, and witness the RE:GEN ALLIANCE partner companies' collaborative efforts for a better world. At the Hyosung Meta-Showroom, we present our story, technology, products, and management style through eight engaging sections. The digital showroom not only showcases the company's story and information but also allows for active communication. Visitors can subscribe to newsletters through the announcements category on the left side of the screen, leave inquiries, and check and apply for seminars and webinars through the website. At Hyosung Group Meta-Showroom, understanding and grasping the diverse technologies all at once, or thoroughly examining every product, regardless of size or complexity, has become effortlessly achievable. Through captivating 3D visuals and informative videos, this transcendent digital space offers a wealth of resources for exploring large-scale products and easy information on intricate technologies. The Hyosung Meta-Showroom, based on vibrant, transparent communication, will continue to evolve as a platform for connecting with visitors beyond the constraints of time and space.



Hyosung's Technological Innovations in Summer Sports Materials

Amidst rising temperatures and scorching sun, it is challenging to escape the summer heat, especially when engaging in sports. Instead of merely seeking refuge under indoor air conditioning, we can embrace exercise that provides both refreshment for the mind and vitality for the body. This can be an excellent way to spend the summer, especially when sweating is more prevalent and physical stamina is easily depleted due to the heat; becoming essential to choose sportswear made from specialized materials. Clothing that absorbs sweat efficiently, dries quickly, and has good elasticity can help regulate body temperature, which can maintain a refreshing sensation, and ensure cleanliness. In addition, Hyosung incorporates its expertise into well-known recreational items such as tennis racquets, golf clubs, and fishing rods, allowing users to enjoy lighter and more active pastimes. Technologies of Hyosung, help make the summer more thrilling and vibrant. Enhancing Sports Performance with Hyosung's Technology Tennis is a sport that can be played both outside and inside, which makes it a popular choice for many people during the summer. The weight of a tennis racket has a significant impact on power and maneuverability. A heavier racket can provide more stability and power, but it can also cause fatigue and strain on the shoulders and elbows with repeated swings. A lighter racket, on the other hand, may provide more maneuverability, but it may also result in less power and difficulty striking the ball. Therefore, the material and weight of a tennis racket are crucial factors in its design. Hyosung incorporates "carbon fiber," a material known for its lightweight and high strength, into tennis rackets. These rackets offer exceptional maneuverability and power thanks to their lightweight design and superior strength. Additionally, they help minimize the chances of fatigue and injuries. Carbon fiber tennis rackets offer a great balance of lightness and resilience. They are designed with longer handles and wider racket surfaces, which greatly enhance user convenience. As a result, tennis players can experience improved endurance and power while using these rackets. This combination of benefits has made carbon fiber rackets increasingly popular among players who prioritize lighter and more convenient equipment without compromising performance. Hyosung's carbon fiber, known as a "dream material" and a substitute for steel, is 10 times stronger than steel but four times lighter. Carbon fiber possesses a wide range of exceptional qualities. These include high strength, elasticity, excellent heat resistance that can withstand high temperatures, low thermal expansion, outstanding durability even under repetitive usage without any degradation in performance, superior thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. In 2008, Hyosung began independently developing and producing carbon fiber, which in which in 2011 led to the launch of TANSOME®, the first high-performance carbon fiber brand in South Korea. Hyosung's advanced carbon fiber offers numerous benefits, including high strength and lightweight properties. These advantages are not limited to just tennis rackets; they also find application in a wide variety of sports and leisure products. For example, golf clubs, fishing rods, bicycles, skis, and snowboards all benefit from the use of Hyosung's carbon fiber. This versatile material transcends seasons, making it suitable for use throughout the year. This remarkable material has become an essential component of our everyday lives, as it is utilized in sports and leisure products that are in close proximity to us. Hyosung's Eco-Friendly Swimsuits: Excellent Elasticity and Resilience with Environmental Consciousness Choosing from an assortment of patterns and colors have become one of the most pleasurable aspects of swimwear. Sustainability has recently emerged as a new selection criterion for swimwear as a result of the trend's increased significance. Among the eco-friendly materials used by Hyosung TNC are regen Nylon, a nylon fiber, and regen Polyester, a polyester fiber. Additionally, they employ the bio-based fiber known as regen Bio-based, which is highly regarded for its environmentally friendly nature and technological advancements. Incorporating functionality into their swimwear designs, Hyosung TNC uses special fibers like Creora Highclo, which protects against chlorine damage, Askin, offering exceptional transparency and UV protection, and Creora Powerfit, known for its excellent stretch and body contouring properties. By combining these functional fibers with eco-friendly materials, the brand creates a wide range of swimwear that not only offers practicality but also promotes environmental consciousness. These swimwear options offer exceptional elasticity and recovery for maximum comfort. Moreover, the production process is eco-friendly, further contributing to sustainability efforts. By wearing these swimwear options, consumers can support environmental protection and send a meaningful message about the importance of caring for our planet. In particular, Hyosung TNC's regen Bio-Based is a representative product using biomass technology. Unlike conventional yarns derived mostly from petrochemicals, regen Bio-based is a groundbreaking bio-fiber created by replacing some of the previously used coal extracts for spandex production with corn-based materials certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as bio-based. Based on our technological prowess as the world's leading spandex market share holder, Hyosung TNC succeeded in commercializing regen Bio-based, the world's first bio-based fiber, after more than a year of research and development. According to a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) evaluation, when regen Bio-based is applied, water usage can be reduced by about 39% and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 23% compared to conventional spandex. Every ton of regen Bio-based used is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 378 pine trees in one year. In June 2022, Hyosung TNC's regen Bio-Based obtained the 'Eco Product Mark', a global eco-friendly certification, from SGS, a world-class inspection, verification, testing, and certification agency headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. This certification is awarded to products that use eco-friendly raw materials, harmless to the human body, and are produced in an eco-friendly way through ESG management. There were cases where corn raw materials were used in the manufacture of packaging materials, cosmetics, and liquid detergents, but Hyosung TNC's regen Bio-Based was the first in the world to be used as a raw material for high-functional textile products. This distinction highlights its significant impact and represents a meaningful development in the field of sustainable textiles. Unbeatable Outdoor Apparel for Summer Hiking Even in the scorching summer, mountain climbers who have a deep love for the mountains persist in their adventures. Among them, nature enthusiasts carefully consider the materials used in their hiking attire, aiming to make choices that do not harm the environment. Their dream is to climb mountains while wearing sustainable clothing, ensuring not only their well-being but also the preservation of nature. To fulfill the aspirations of these climbers, Hyosung plays a vital role by crafting outdoor apparel made from sustainable materials. Hyosung TNC's 'regen Ocean Nylon' is an eco-friendly fiber that takes the lead in conserving marine ecosystems by recycling discarded fishing nets. Developed and successfully commercialized by Hyosung TNC as the world's first of its kind in 2007, regen Ocean Nylon has recently expanded its production capacity after completing facility expansion at the end of last year. regen Ocean Nylon is a high-value recycled fiber with a positive impact on marine ecosystem preservation and environmental protection, which has drawn attention and received love calls from brands that are proactive in these areas. In the 2023 Spring/Summer season, regen Ocean Nylon is actively utilized in the production of clothing, bags, and other items. Recently, it has been applied to K2, an outdoor brand's training sets, polo shirts, backpacks, as well as North Face's rash guards and wind jackets. Globally, a staggering 640,000 tons of fishing nets are discarded annually, with South Korea alone contributing 44,000 tons to this environmental issue. These discarded fishing nets, left adrift in the ocean, pose a significant threat to marine life, including dolphins and sea turtles, endangering their lives and disrupting the delicate ecosystem. regen Ocean Nylon offers a vital solution to this problem. By transforming these discarded fishing nets into a material like regen Ocean Nylon, we can play a crucial role in preserving the marine ecosystem and safeguarding the right to life for marine organisms. In addition to regen Ocean Nylon, Hyosung TNC offers other innovative eco-friendly fibers to promote sustainability in the textile industry. One such product is regen Robic, a 100% recycled nylon with exceptional strength and durability. It is a high-strength, eco-friendly nylon made from recycled fishing nets, known as regen Ocean Robic. Another sustainable option is regen Aqua-X, a nylon fiber that contains 10% recycled materials, providing cooling, moisture absorption, and UV blocking effects. regen Aqua-X finds broad application in various products, including activewear and golfwear, thanks to its cool touch and widespread popularity. Meanwhile, regen Robic and regen Ocean Robic's outstanding strength and durability make them suitable not only for outdoor clothing but also for outdoor backpacks and tents. Notably, Osprey, the leading global outdoor backpack brand, utilizes regen Ocean Robic, an eco-friendly fiber made from 100% discarded fishing nets. This product has gained significant attention in the market, further reinforcing its importance in environmental conservation efforts. Hyosung TNC's commitment to sustainability is evident through regen Ocean Nylon's impressive environmental benefits. Compared to conventional nylon production, regen Ocean Nylon reduces CO2 emissions by 73%, fossil fuel use by 75.7%, and water consumption by 98.6%. As the world's only company capable of producing recycled fibers for the three major chemical fibers, Hyosung TNC has earned recognition as a leading eco-friendly fiber producer. Our dedication to enhancing the functionality of eco-friendly recycled fibers continues through ongoing research and development, ensuring the introduction of differentiated, sustainable fibers that support active and eco-conscious lifestyles. Hyosung not only helps people enjoy sports easily and with fun through excellent technology, but also reduces the negative impact on the environment by utilizing eco-friendly materials. Hyosung promises to develop more useful sporting goods through the development of innovative technologies to revitalize our lives and develop materials that take the lead in protecting the environment. Hyosung's technological prowess will create a better tomorrow, and we will constantly research and drive innovation for better lifestyles.