Introducing Hyosung Group's 1st Brand Builder


In some cases, an old and outdated brand can unexpectedly become beloved by the Generation Z and transform into a trendy, enduring brand. Gompyo, a flour brand from Daehan Flour, is a prime example. Despite being unfamiliar in the 1020s, Gompyo, established in 1952, reinvented itself through collaborations like Gompyo jacket, releasing various joint products such as Gompyo Flour Cushion, Gompyo Popcorn, and Gompyo Beer. These innovative offerings made Gompyo the trendiest and most unique brand among the Generation Z. The reason behind the success of these aging brands is their ability to create a sense of brand buzz. By sharing content that resonates with Generation Z and engaging customers through trendy offline events like pop-up stores, these brands are rejuvenated as youthful and fashionable, continuing to be adored by the younger audience.

Supporters marketing is being increasingly employed as a strategy to amplify the share of voice (SOV) of companies and brands, allowing them to swiftly transform their brand image and become memorable to Generation Z. Typically consisting of college students, these brand supporters play a crucial role in introducing new products or campaigns and disseminating the brand's message.

When a brand or company plans to launch a new product, supporters take on the responsibility of promoting it, enabling them to gauge the market's response and gather feedback from genuine customers. Moreover, companies opt for supporters marketing because it allows them to create content based on provided information and effectively reach a large audience, ensuring a consistent and viral delivery of the brand message.

In contrast to conventional supporters marketing approaches, Hyosung has developed the "Hyosung Group Brand Builder" program to offer practical experience to university students and those preparing to enter the workforce, providing them with hands-on opportunities for active involvement.


*Wait, what is supporters marketing?

Companies and brands are increasingly leveraging advocate marketing to disseminate information about new products or announcements through the consumer's voice. In the past, supporters marketing predominantly targeted tech-savvy individuals in their twenties, who actively utilized bloggers and social media platforms. However, in recent years, the role of supporters has gained prominence due to the rising influence of personal media. Consequently, supporters marketing has evolved, with segmentation according to the specific target audience of the company or brand, such as individuals in their twenties, homemakers with children, and office workers. While providing opportunities to experience new products and spreading news remain fundamental, supporters now engage in various activities, including developing new recipes, participating in company corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and contributing to marketing strategies. As channels to enhance consumer engagement for brand promotion, supporters have become increasingly significant. Their ability to independently generate content for companies or brands often resonates well with consumers, leading to a natural viral marketing effect.

Hyosung Group's Brand Builders go beyond mere supporters who promote products and groups; they also enjoy the opportunity of collaborating with Hyosung Group's brand marketing team. In addition to planning content that informs consumers about Hyosung Group, they actively engage in various brand marketing practices, including CEO marketing strategies, recruitment branding strategies, and marketing strategies tailored to Generation M or Generation Z. Through this collaboration, Hyosung Group's Brand Builders gain invaluable experiences and receive feedback, which helps to strengthen Hyosung Group's overall direction and brand identity. Furthermore, Hyosung Group extends support to these Brand Builders, empowering them to develop their capabilities as aspiring marketers.



'Hyosung Group Brand Builder', a meeting between Hyosung Group and prospective marketers

Hyosung is a b2b company that specializes in chemicals, textiles, heavy industry, and high-tech materials, which might not be widely familiar to the general public. However, Hyosung's technological prowess is well-regarded worldwide, evident from its substantial global market share and the high demand from various companies. Despite this recognition in the business world, it may be challenging for the general public to fully grasp the nature of Hyosung's operations. To bridge this gap and create a friendly introduction of Hyosung's main industries to the public, Hyosung Group has developed the "Hyosung Group Brand Builder" program. The primary aim is to enhance brand awareness and preference for Hyosung, particularly among Generation Z, a highly influential consumer demographic.

The "Hyosung Group Brand Builder" program is specifically crafted to support university students with aspirations to become marketers. It provides them with valuable opportunities to experience and develop brand marketing skills, drawing from their fresh ideas and planning abilities. Selected as prospective marketers, the Brand Builders actively engage in Hyosung's brand marketing practices and receive active support in creating marketing strategies and executing programs, focusing on innovative and unique ideas tailored for Generation Z.

The Brand Builder program differentiates itself from other supporters' programs, as it consists of only 3 individuals. These participants engage in the actual work of brand marketers, focusing on areas like ESG branding, digital marketing, and brand MD, which are not easily experienced through simple supporter or external activities. They perform specific, hands-on tasks such as CEO marketing, establishing marketing strategies for Generation M, and recruitment branding. The working group provides them with specific, hands-on feedback to encourage their growth. Through the Brand Builder program, Hyosung supports the growth of university students who dream of becoming marketers.



What do Hyosung Group Brand Builders do?

The Hyosung Group Brand Builders completed their recruitment on January 23 and are currently in the midst of their first year of activities, which commenced with a kick-off orientation. Over the course of about seven months, from February to August 2023, the three brand builders will be immersed in the real work of brand marketers, focusing on tasks that resonate with Generation Z, such as Hyosung Group's ESG branding, digital marketing, and Brand MD.

In the inaugural batch, the brand builders are dedicated to enhancing Hyosung Group's brand awareness. They are actively involved in establishing a strategy to rethink Hyosung Group's image for Generation M, proposing improvements to Hyosung's recruitment branding, and devising a strategy for Hyosung Group's CEO branding.

In addition to their primary responsibilities, the brand builders are gaining hands-on experience in supporters’ activities that mirror real brand marketing tasks. These activities include planning SNS content to promote NFT Town, visiting pop-up stores and sample rooms for apparel brand launch planning, and participating in eco-friendly apparel brand planning.

As aspiring marketers, the Hyosung brand builders are earnestly striving to excel, receiving guidance and feedback from real-world executives. Their novel and quirky ideas are actively put into practice, setting them apart from other supporters in the program.



Based on a survey, it was found that 80.8% of college students and job-seekers engage in extracurricular activities, with supporters and experience groups being the most prevalent choice, accounting for 31.5% of the participants. The primary reasons for their involvement in these activities are overwhelmingly driven by their desire to experience and explore new things (55.9%) and to acquire valuable experiences that will aid them in securing employment (47.2%). These findings highlight that Generation Z actively seeks to participate in supporters’ activities, which are among the most common extracurricular pursuits, as a means to self-development, job preparation, and the acquisition of fresh experiences.

Hyosung embarked on the recruitment of its first batch of brand builders with the specific aim of promoting the Hyosung Group brand to the Generation Z. Unlike traditional supporters, the brand builder activities offered by Hyosung are designed to go beyond mere brand promotion. We provide brand builders with hands-on experiences that contribute to their growth and development as marketers. In a manner consistent with Hyosung's dedication to researching and investing in technology for a sustainable future, the company also extends support and encouragement to nurture aspiring marketers through its Brand Builder program. Hyosung's Brand Builders are effectively fostering loyalty among the Generation Z by reaching out and engaging with them directly. With the successful completion of the initial round of Brand Builder activities, Hyosung Group aspires to maintain and further develop the program as a platform for cultivating marketers equipped with innovative planning skills. The ultimate goal is to continuously create a profound impact on the Generation Z, further solidifying their brand loyalty and affinity for Hyosung Group.